Asus VS Hp Laptop; Which Is Better And Why

The laptop market will continue to grow and progress as technology advances. As new technologies become available, many businesses are joining the innovation process.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, you’ve undoubtedly come across ASUS and HP.

Both of these businesses produce well-known laptops, but which is better? Is there a significant edge that one of these companies has over the other?

This article will look at the distinctions and similarities between these two major brands. All of their characteristics and attributes will be compared.

By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make the best laptop buying decision imaginable.


The laptop manufacturers ASUS and HP are both well-known. HP has a vast global market share of 24%, whereas ASUS has a market share of 7%.

Asus and HP, launched in 1989 and the other 50 years ago in 1939, still dominate the computer market despite such a significant age gap.

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Is ASUS or HP the better option?

ASUS is fantastic since it offers a diverse choice of modern computers. Business, design, and gaming are all possible applications for ASUS laptops, and they are less costly than HP laptops.

HP laptops are well-made and reliable but better suited to work or school.

HP manufactures high-end laptops as well, but they’re pricey. The materials used in ASUS laptops are all of the highest quality, and even the cheapest ASUS laptops seem powerful and professional.

Computers from ASUS are small, light, and thin, and they’re also reasonably priced. The materials used in ASUS laptops are all of the highest quality, and even the cheapest ASUS laptops seem powerful and professional.


The ASUS ZenBook 13 is a tremendous all-around notebook. Intel’s Iris Xe graphics card is paired with an Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor. Because of these features, it’s suitable for light gaming.

The ZenBook 13 is a low-cost laptop that delivers decent performance. This ASUS laptop’s small, light, and stylish design makes it an excellent portable option.

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Business, Gaming, and Everyday Use: HP vs. ASUS

Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

In a variety of settings, HP and ASUS laptops function admirably. The ASUS Rog series is ideal for high-powered gaming and design, and HP laptops are great for business use in general.

ASUS wins for everyday activities like browsing or watching Netflix because most models have superb, high-resolution screens.


Business computers from HP are excellent. There are a variety of options available, including two-in-ones and notebooks. HP also makes low-cost, well-built, and trustworthy laptops that cost less than $400. These laptops can be utilized for various business and educational needs.

For example, HP’s EliteBook x360 1040 G7 is a higher-end business laptop, and the EliteBook is a stunning notebook with 15-hour battery life.

Although ASUS produces outstanding business laptops, it does not have the same number as HP. The Asus ExpertBook B9450 is an exceptional laptop, and it’s small, fashionable, and boasts a battery life of more than 16 hours.

WINNER: HP is the victor because it offers a broader range of quality business laptops. 

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Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

The greatest gaming laptops may be found within HP’s OMEN laptops. The HP OMEN series provides suitable gaming hardware at a reasonable price. AMD processors, Intel 10th and 11th generation chips, and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards are all available from HP. These laptops are ideal for gaming at a medium level.

The ASUS ROG gaming laptops are fantastic. The Zephyrus line includes some of the most powerful computers. The Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 is powered by AMD Ryzen 9 CPUs and Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics. The G15 is an excellent gaming laptop for the money with these features. It’s also tiny and light, with long battery life.

ASUS is great for budget gaming. The ASUS TUF 17.3″ Full-HD monitor costs less than $1000, but it’s capable of handling games like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto V. The ASUS TUF is a high-end gaming laptop with a mid-range price tag that combines power, speed, and affordability.

WINNER: ASUS gaming laptops outperform HP gaming laptops.

 For the same price, ASUS laptops have higher computer capability.

HP laptops in the mid-range are better for gaming. Doom Eternal and Resident Evil 3 are among the AAA games that ASUS can run.


Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

HP and ASUS make good laptops for everyday usage. Both companies provide a variety of laptops that are perfect for surfing the web or watching Netflix.

Laptops for everyday use may not need to have the most up-to-date features or hardware, but they must be well-built and dependable. HP produces robust, durable computers at every price point, and HP is a good choice if you’re on a low budget.

ASUS has fantastic features for regular customers looking for a more modern laptop. The Chromebook Flip C436 boasts a bright 1080p display and a surprising amount of power for a Chromebook, while the Zenbook series sports brushed aluminum casings. In addition, a few ASUS laptops feature stunning OLED panels.

Although HP makes good low-cost laptops, ASUS offers the best overall value for money.

WINNER: ASUS is the greatest for everyday use. High-resolution screens and creative designs, such as the ASUS ScreenPad, are responsible for this domination.

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ASUS Laptops In Detail

In 1989, four ex-Acer employees formed ASUS in Taiwan. Due to its excellent value for money, the brand has established a strong presence in the market, and it has only recently started making well-received gaming laptops.

  • ASUS laptops are well-known for:
  • Capabilities in gaming and video editing are exceptional.
  • Unique features
  • Design
  • Excellent value for money
  • Options for low-cost gaming


ASUS makes laptops with excellent graphics for gamers, designers, and video editors.

The ROG series is excellent for gamers. Several ASUS models, like the popular Zephyrus series, come with cutting-edge graphics for high-end gaming, and the Zephyrus has the most modern NVIDIA GeForce GPUs.

The AMD RyzenTM 9 5900HX processor and NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 3080 graphics card power the Asus ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733. Today’s resource-intensive games can be played on high-end Asus laptops.

The Asus ZenBook Duo Pro 15 is a great video editing laptop. It’s compact and light, but it’s got a lot of graphics power. This laptop’s Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti GPU makes it excellent for even advanced video processing.


Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

ASUS is well-known for its laptop advancements. The ASUS ScreenPad is an excellent feature for gaming and regular use. As a supplementary screen, the screen pad takes the place of the mousepad. It’s a terrific method to maximize your screen real estate, and you may use it to manage tasks on the main screen, launch extra apps, or access additional toolbars. It’s a brilliantly creative feature.

For the Asus ROG Flow X13, a ROG XG Mobile dock is available. This external graphics card is both compact and light, and it does, however, give an excellent performance. Because of these features, the ROG Flow X13 might be a high-end gaming laptop despite being lightweight, tiny, and portable.

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ASUS laptops have a beautiful design. This brand’s laptops are compact, light, and stylish, using high-quality materials. Even low-cost ASUS laptops have a premium look and feel to them. The VivoBook Flip and Chromebook versions are minimalistic and straightforward.

ASUS’ ROG and ZenBook lines have won a slew of design awards. The ZenBook Pro is incredibly thin, thanks to a ScreenPad that replaces a traditional touchpad. The ScreenPad is a touchpad with a top-mounted interactive LCD.

In 2020, ASUS got 26 Red Dot Awards for excellent product design, a new high. These laptops are user-friendly, efficient, and long-lasting.


ASUS is well-known for making high-quality laptops at affordable prices, and it makes computers for every market segment, from low-cost to high-end. While ASUS’ low-cost laptops are excellent, the company’s mid-and high-end models are the most cost-effective.

ASUS gaming laptops are expensive, ranging from $1000-$5000, but they have better specs than the competition.

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is an incredible value. Like other laptops of this type, it’s suitable for regular use or college. The ASUS Chromebook stands out for its excellent build quality and design, and it sports a 1080p display, a touchscreen, and an Intel Core processor. The ASUS Chromebook is excellent value for money.


ASUS has excellent customer service departments, especially considering their size. ASUS offers a solid local customer service team that excels at online and over-the-phone help.

With each of their computers, ASUS includes a basic warranty.

Their support center also offers an extended warranty plan, which allows you to get superior long-term care for your computer.

They also provide varying warranties for each component of their PCs.

Some of their warranty parts are covered for more than a year, while others are covered for a few months, so it depends on what goes wrong first.

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ASUS creates some of the best gaming and design computers on the market. The brand is known for its high-quality materials and excellent design, and the design of ASUS laptops is sleek, modern, and trendy.

ASUS is known for its cutting-edge technology. The company is always trying out new ideas and has developed innovative features like the groundbreaking ScreenPad.

ASUS offers excellent value for money, and its computers have high-end specifications for pricing.

HP Laptops In Detail

Hewlett-Packard (HP) was formed in 1939 and is based in the United States. It makes PCs, laptops, printers, and other electronic equipment for businesses and consumers. On a global scale, the corporation is well-known for providing high-quality goods.

HP laptops are well-known for their ability to:

Excellent design and construction.



The battery life is excellent.

Availability and a large selection

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Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

HP laptops have an excellent design. The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 is a compact and lightweight laptop that represents the company’s best efforts. This business laptop is one of the best on the market. Because of its 4K Ultra HD screen and speedy Intel 11th generation processor, this 2-in-1 laptop is outstanding.

The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 has a nice look and feel to it. The structure is solid and durable, and it’s an outstanding laptop for business.

The HP Spectre x360 is another excellent laptop (2021). It sports a gem-cut chassis and a perfect 2-in-1 design. The HP Spectre comes with Bang & Olufsen speakers, making it a high-end and attractive laptop.

HP laptops are well-built machines. Many of the latest HP laptops have a silver metal chassis and full-screen hinges. HP laptops are rugged and dependable, with a long track record of success. The keyboards are snappy, and the plastic and metal shells are well-made. A laptop must be long-lasting, and HP’s line of well-built PCs is quite dependable.


HP produces several cutting-edge laptops. The HP Elite Dragonfly is made of ocean-bound polymers, while the HP Envy 13 is available in a particular wood variant. HP isn’t afraid to experiment with unconventional materials; the superb Spectre Folio, for example, is bound in leather.

HP’s creativity isn’t limited to the building materials it uses, and it has also put a lot of money into Vapor Force Technology, a cooling fan technology. This is fantastic news for gamers whose computers are prone to overheating.


There are high-performance HP laptops available. The HP ZBOOK STUDIO G8 is a powerful desktop computer from HP. It’s an excellent paradigm for gaming, design, data analytics, and many other applications. It’s thin, light, and appealing. The ZBOOK is equipped with an Intel Core i9 vPro processor and high-end graphics cards.

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Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

HP is continually looking for new ways to extend the life of its batteries. The Adaptive Battery Optimizer technology was created specifically for gaming to reduce premature battery wear. In the Pavillion and Omen series, it’s currently available.

Long battery life is a big plus for corporate PCs. HP offers a variety of laptops with enough battery life to last the entire day. The battery life of the HP EliteBook x360 1040 G7 is 15 hours, whereas the battery life of the HP Spectre x360 is more than 13 hours.


HP controls a sizable portion of the global laptop industry. As a result, locating an HP laptop is a breeze. As a result, repairs and finding new parts are made more accessible.

HP offers a diverse selection of laptops. Even though some of the cheap models are a little simplistic, there are some excellent discounts at all price points.

Around $250 will get you a Chromebook with an 11-inch screen. They aren’t the fastest computers, but they have a bright, sharp display for the money.

As previously stated, the Envy 13, Spectre x360, and HP Dragonfly are all outstanding mid-range and high-end laptops.

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The customer service departments at HP are excellent.

HP’s customer service is likewise excellent. However, their web presence is stronger than their phone help.

With each of its laptops, HP includes a basic warranty. HP computers come with a one-year warranty that covers everything about them.


HP laptops are among the best in terms of design and build quality. Even though many HP’s budget laptops aren’t particularly powerful, they appear to be well-built and professional. Higher-priced HP laptops are known for their outstanding performance and high-level specs.

Finally, HP offers a diverse range of laptops to pick from.

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#1. Technical Components

When it comes to comparing the technological capability of two machines, the processor, memory, storage, battery, and other components are the most notable.

In this particular comparison, it’s a tie between these two brands.

“The more money you have, the better the specifications,” and that’s it. It would be naive to compare the two solely on their internal organs and declare one superior to the other.

Both companies manufacture exceptional devices when it comes to affordability, but I believe Asus outperforms HP in the lower-end laptop market.

#2. Screen and Display Quality

Although HP is thought to be the finest in the display sector, I believe Asus is not far behind. If the display size is an issue, both have options ranging from the smallest, a 13-inch laptop to the largest, a 17-inch laptop.

HP, which is recognized for producing largely entertainment-oriented laptops, has a long history of satisfying your visual desires and giving the highest display quality. On the other hand, as the ultimate gaming brand, Asus equips its laptops with unrivaled cinematic quality displays.

Both have NVIDIA Graphics support in their higher-end flagship computers, although their typical laptops have plain Intel Graphics capability. As a result, it’s another tie between these two.

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#3. Durability

Unlike HP, most Asus laptops are built to military standards, which is a characteristic that is relatively rare to come by. So, if you’re clumsy or want to go on adventures, I recommend going with Asus.

Nonetheless, if you’re willing to spend a lot of money, you may go with either of these two, but if you’re looking for ultimate sturdiness on a tight budget and don’t care about appearances, go with Asus.

FAQ: Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

Is ASUS a reputable laptop manufacturer?

In our fight with the best and worst laptop companies, Asus came out on top, and it’s easy to understand why. Because of its remarkable inventions and reasonably priced notebooks, Asus enjoys high industry esteem.

Do ASUS laptops have a long life span?

The average Asus laptop lasts three to five years, and this is the long-term battery life, which refers to the entire lifespan of the battery. After five years of heavy use, an Asus laptop battery is likely only to be able to hold a charge for a short amount of time.

Is it true that Asus is a Chinese company?

ASUS is a Taiwanese-based multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company formed in 1989. ASUS is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and gaming brand and a top-three consumer laptop vendor committed to designing devices for bright lives today and in the future.

Is it true that Asus is the best?

ASUS has built a reputation for being a reliable business that creates high-quality products, and its customer service is unrivaled. For its creativity, performance, and design, Asus has earned 1796 awards.

Is Lenovo superior to Asus?

The fundamentals of Asus vs. Lenovo. Asus may edge over Lenovo as a brand, despite being relatively close. Asus has slightly better build quality and performance in the top-tier class, but it will ultimately come down to the models you’re looking at and the type of user you are.

Ending Thoughts: Asus or HP Laptop Which is Better?

Now is an excellent time to summarize the entire article. Here’s the answer if you’re still undecided about which of these two selections, Asus or HP, is the final best for you.

HP is well-known for being a leading manufacturer of primarily entertainment-oriented (Chromebooks, etc.) and other decent, professional-type laptops. On the other hand, Asus is famous for being the perfect gaming brand, focusing significantly on providing all of the necessary sturdiness in their notebooks and offering some unrivaled innovations, among other things.

So, if you’re a gamer, someone who cares about sturdiness and longevity, or someone on a tight budget seeking the best “return on investment,” go with Asus.

HP is the way to go if you care about style and appearance and are looking for a laptop for leisure or other light tasks.

That concludes this exciting Asus vs. HP battle.


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