Asus vs Lenovo: Which Laptop Brand is Better And Why?

A laptop with an 8-core RTX3080 and an aluminum build may sound sexy. But will you judge a brand solely on what its brochure says?

This is a mistake that I have made too many times in the past.

What did I get?

Regret and lost cash. I am not complaining.

I wish I had been more patient and done more research. This is why.

This review is my attempt to help you make the best decision and maximize the return on your investment. I also recommend choosing a brand based on how it can benefit you, not brochure fluff.

What Matters

ASUS and Lenovo offer a variety of laptops with impressive designs and high-performance specs.

ASUS and Lenovo are both competent and attractive brands to choose from.

Here’s the deal.

When choosing between 2 or 3 brands, there are only a few factors or elements to consider.

You’ll see the rest below.

  1. Performance
  2. Battery Life
  3. Thermal cooling
  4. Screen Resolution
  5. Build/Quality
  6. Price

Comparing brochures to see which brand has higher numbers is another way to get lost in a sea of doubts and endless questions.

Do you want a clear answer?

You don’t want to spend $800-$1,500 and be disappointed when you think about what it would have been like if ASUS had chosen Lenovo over ASUS or vice versa.

What is important?

  • Choose a brand that you feel happy and at ease with
  • Return home without regrets
  • Enjoy the years ahead without looking back or second-guess where your money went.

It’s about making wise decisions. It’s about making the right choice that you are happy with.

Don’t forget the numbers. Marketing is dead. Forget about the critics and ads. This Vs. The article is only for you and yourself.

Asking the first question is.

What Type of Laptop User Are You?

You may skip ASUS Vs. Lenovo: A Closer View if it is clear what kind of laptop.

This section can help you determine which brand is the most suitable for you.

Creator of Content

Music producers, artists, and video editors are all content creators.

ASUS laptops are a good option for those who frequently run many applications and require a laptop that gives you the most performance.

ASUS’s Double Screen ZenBook features all you require and has an IPS screen for the most accurate color reproduction.


Ah, yes.

Both laptops are great in the realm of gaming laptops.

Lenovo laptops, particularly those with the Lenovo Legion Gaming laptops, have distinct markings throughout the range. These include 2060 graphics cards that are down to their amazing price and the thermal cooling system.

ASUS laptops don’t fall behind.

Its ASUS Zephyrus M15 gaming laptop is well-loved by a lot of people. If you’re willing to pay more, then you can get the Zephyrus S15 is an excellent option.

ASUS’s gaming performance, however, is a little better.


The concept of college debt isn’t an untruth.

You don’t have to spend more than $2000 for laptops that are top of the line.

There will be a need for budget laptops or a budget laptop that will last through the college years (hopefully).

ASUS and Lenovo have budget laptops available. However, ASUS is around $300 cheaper than Lenovo.

What’s the difference?

This budget Lenovo laptop can play games in the 1050 Ti range. This lets you play games like Witcher 3 or Call of Duty extremely smoothly.

Its ASUS ZenBook 13, on the contrary, is a great option. It’s cheap and comes with great quality that lasts for a long time.

The Lenovo Y540 laptop is a great budget-friendly option, but it’s not cheap for low-cost models.

 However, it’s still a solid choice if you need a laptop that will last through university and your first paycheck.


Lightweight, travel-friendly, and thin-These are the three best characteristics of a laptop or business notebook.

The ASUS ExpertBook B9450 weighs just 2 pounds and can be charged for 24 hours. The i7 processor allows you to manage multiple administrative tasks quickly.

It’s portable and easy to use. It can be carried almost anywhere without causing sore muscles at the end.

The Lenovo Thinkpad Carbon Gen8 is faster than the ASUS ExpertBook and has more storage. The Thinkpad Carbon Gen8 also has a fingerprint scanner for increased security and privacy.

The battery life of the device is only 18.5 hours. It is still an excellent tool for increasing productivity in any industry.

Let’s take a look at the different types and uses of laptops.

Asus vs Lenovo: the basics

While both brands are similar, Asus might edge out Lenovo as an overall brand. It’s all down to the models you’re considering and your user type. However, Asus generally has a slightly better construction quality and performance in the top-tier market.


asus vs lenovo laptop

ASUS is a Taiwanese tech company with a reputation within the PC industry. In addition to laptops, it has an impressive record of computers, such as servers, motherboards, graphic cards, monitors, etc.

This company is also loved by gamers, mostly because its gaming laptops are regarded as industry standards.


  • Excellent quality build
  • Long-standing history of performance-oriented hardware
  • Long battery life
  • A wide range of mid-range options are reliable and have reasonable prices.


  • Insufficient customer support when in comparison to Lenovo
  • Some models are just too heavy.


asus vs lenovo laptop

Lenovo is a Beijing-based firm that is specialized in hardware for personal computers. It’s the most popular personal computer manufacturer around the globe and has the biggest market capitalization in the laptop segment.

Lenovo is well-known for its lightweight, high-performance laptops. They are mainly known for their business line ThinkPad as well as ThinkBook.


  • Leaping the laptop market globally
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Fantastic business models
  • Superior customer support


  • Many of their top designs are larger than the standard
  • Not as competitive as the gaming sector.

ASUS vs Lenovo: A Closer Look


Both laptops can run photoshop, video editing apps, and gaming.

ASUS and Lenovo offer laptops with RTX 2080 and 3080 specs.

Both brands offer processors with powerful processing power up to the 10th generation of i7 processors.

You can use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and SketchUp together if you have an ASUS laptop or a Lenovo laptop.

It’s the same for games that run on the computer, such as Valiant, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Overwatch, etc. Both models have powerful processors and provide seamless game performance.

In reality, ASUS slightly takes the lead in this area.

Just recently, ASUS refreshed their laptops and transformed them into larger, better laptops that are more powerful. I won’t go into the specifics, but you should know that AMD Ryzen chips are now using AMD Ryzen chips.

Winner: ASUS

Winner Asus

While ASUS and Lenovo offer top-quality laptops and an impressive range of laptop models, ASUS takes a step beyond by changing what was once Intel to become AMD.

And, let me share that with you.

AMD Ryzen CPUs are “beast components” in the world of laptops. They’re currently the top that you can buy currently.

The laptops that ASUS made available in 2018 are significantly more efficient than the other laptops available in 2019 and 2020.

What else is worth keeping an eye on? External GPUs. They are also available. ASUS is one of them.

Battery Life

asus vs lenovo laptop

One of the greatest qualities you can expect in the design of a laptop is battery technology.

This isn’t just a matter of Gaming laptops. However, generally, a laptop that has great battery technology can lead to one thing that is crucial: longer run time.

For users of laptops, it might not seem like a pressing or urgent need.

It can also help you avoid needing to recharge your computer before going out or needing to take your entire kit when you intend to go to a coffee shop for 2 to 3 hours.

Of the two manufacturers, which is the better battery? The answer is clear, ASUS has the edge.

Winner: ASUS

If it’s gaming or business laptops, ASUS is known for its battery endurance, which can last up to 24 hours per day and as little as 5 hours with gaming laptops.

However, Lenovo laptops don’t go much higher than ASUS can offer. It’s not that I believe Lenovo laptops aren’t equipped with good battery technology. However, they aren’t as good as ASUS laptops.

Lenovo’s gaming laptops can last for as long as three hours. Other laptops could last as long as 18.5 hours.

In actuality, the numbers aren’t that bad.

However, ASUS is a solid option if you’re looking for an enterprise or gaming laptop with a long time to run.

Thermal Cooling

Most brands use the standard cooling system [The majority of companies utilize traditional cooling systems along and heat pipes to cool the VRMs as well as graphics cards to prevent your laptop from bursting into flames.

Brands such as Acer, Dell, MSI, and ASUS are doing well in the cooling area.

However, a name that stands out and excels in the cooling department is Lenovo.

This is apparent in this laptop model, the Lenovo Legion series of laptops, in which the technology for cooling is a clear win in this field.

While ASUS Zephyrus laptops also feature excellent cooling systems, they’re not enough to compete with the features Lenovo has built beneath its hood.

Winner: Lenovo

Winner Lenovo

Keep in mind that A laptop is more than its specs.

A robust processor, operating system, and graphics cards don’t make up all there is to the laptop.

A good RAM and memory will affect the speed of your laptop. However, remember that laptops are also machines.

If your computer has a poor cooling device, you will not be able to play your games or apps the way you like.

It’s a no-brainer. Lenovo is the winner in this department of thermal cooling by miles, thanks to the ventilation chamber it houses and the vent pipes used to create an even more efficient cooling system.

Screen Resolution

The screen size is crucial; however, it’s not as crucial as the quality of your laptop’s shows colors and the refresh rate you receive.

A higher refresh rate will result in better video quality, smoother gameplay, and less eye strain.

If you’ve noticed blurred motion when playing video or watching games, it’s due to the slow refresh rate that your monitor is running at.

Of the two, which has superior screen resolution?

Winner: Tie

The ASUS and Lenovo have excellent display resolutions in the 120Hz and 144Hz frequency ranges.

Also, you’ll see their premium laptops with IPS screens, which provide more accurate color and overall vibrancy, which is great for graphic editors and designers.

This page could be helpful if you want to know the refresh rate details.



If you’ve used ASUS previously, you’ll know the meaning behind what I’m saying when describing how robust and sturdy ASUS notebooks are.

It’s difficult to beat ASUS in terms of construction and endurance.

In reality, most ASUS users will constantly report their satisfaction when they buy the device. Don’t forget about the excellent warranties that they provide as well.

Lenovo is something else.

There is no doubt that Lenovo laptops are durable; however, an investigation conducted by SquareTrade [R] provided some insight that Lenovo laptops were prone to malfunction with a rate of 21.5 percent over three years.

ASUS’s malfunction rate, in contrast, was 15.6 percent.

Winner: ASUS

It’s not that Lenovo creates laptops that are undependable.

The study has found that ASUS is among the best laptop makers in terms of durability.

What is this going to mean in terms of Lenovo users?

It’s a requirement to take a treat of the laptop and maintain it. However, if you’re experiencing gamer’s anger and find yourself hitting your laptop’s keyword often, you should get your ASUS.


Don’t you want the best value out of the money you spend?

Who doesn’t?

This is the area where ASUS provides its best. It’s not just about laptops that cost less than $500.

ASUS offers high-end and premium laptops for less than most laptop manufacturers without compromising quality and specifications.

Lenovo also offers a couple of budget laptops on occasion. However, in general, their products are rather expensive compared to ASUS.

It’s likely due to Lenovo’s larger market share, which means their products are more expensive.

Winner: ASUS

It’s impossible to beat ASUS in the area of value-for-money.

The brand is extremely popular due to its excellent value, which has also been acknowledged in this regard by customers for many years.

ASUS vs Lenovo: Who Is the Winner?

ASUS vs Lenovo Who Is the Winner

Lenovo has many strengths; however, ASUS is the clear brand winner in this matchup. It also has the lead over Lenovo regarding quality, durability, and performance.

Don’t be critical right now.

When I speak of performance, I’m also referring to the concept of innovation.

As for the other aspect, Lenovo has some impressive design concepts, and it’s evident in their majority of models. The Lenovo Ideapad is a fantastic illustration of this.

But, ASUS’ latest design has revolutionized gaming, productivity, and content creation thanks to the new AMD Ryzen chips.

Intel chips are still excellent and top-of-the-line, but they are not as good as AMD in the marketplace.

In addition, ASUS products stand true to their words regarding reliability, warranty services, and great price deals.

Wrapping It Up

Let’s get one thing clear.

I am a fan of both brands. Should I have to pick which one to buy, that would largely depend on how I intend to use my laptop.

If I was looking for a 2-in-1 laptop or something I could use for travel and professional needs, The Lenovo YogaBook is a great choice. It’s a simple decision.

Gaming laptops ASUS has become a top choice in the market. I’m not afraid to go with either the Lenovo Legion or the Zephyrus series.

While ASUS is the top choice for laptops, Lenovo laptops are the same high-quality, provide great value, and provide excellent customer service.

In reality, Lenovo has better software tools, including Lenovo Tools for Presentations, Tools, and Teacher Tools, that ASUS cannot compete with.


It is based on your kind of user and how you will use your laptop. In any case, here’s an outline of this section to aid you in deciding on which ASUS, as well as Lenovo, is the best choice for you.

Choose an ASUS Laptop If:

  • The specifications and components are crucial to you.
  • You’re looking for the best value on your investment
  • It is essential to have a sturdy laptop that can withstand “occasional” rage moments
  • If you want a better gaming laptop, this is the one.

ASUS Laptops Worth Checking Out:

  1. ASUS VivoBook Flip 14
  2. ASUS VivoBook Flip 14 J401MA-DB02
  3. ASUS VivoBook 15
  4. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14
  5. ASUS ROG Zephyrus RTX 3070 (mid-priced gaming)
  6. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S15 (top of the gaming)
  7. ASUS ZenBook 15
  8. ASUS Zenbook Pro Ultra Slim

Choose a Lenovo Laptop If:

  • Your top priority is portability.
  • You’re in search of laptops with two-in-one capabilities (for both business and travel use)
  • You’ll require a laptop at school or in a budget for a
  • You’re looking for superior software and support for your customers.

Lenovo Laptops Worth Checking Out:

  1. Lenovo Ideapad 3
  2. Lenevo Ideapad 3 AMD Ryzen 5
  3. Lenovo Ideapad 5
  4. Lenovo Legion Y540 (Gaming)
  5. Lenovo Flex 5
  6. Lenovo Yoga 6
  7. Lenovo Y740 (Gaming)

Before You Go

What are your thoughts on selecting a Lenovo or ASUS laptop?

Before you decide, do not just look at the specifications or the brochure.

Things such as 16GB RAM, the 10th generation i7 processors, or even quad-core processors are great things to consider; however, don’t let them be the only thing you focus on.

Ultimately, picking the right one for you among both brands will depend on what you require, your preferences, and the things you value most.

We hope that this ASUS compares to. Lenovo’s article has helped you make an informed choice! Please let us know your thoughts in our comments!

FAQS: Asus vs Lenovo laptop

♦How Do I Check My Lenovo Battery Health?

The Lenovo power manager software can be installed. This will display information about your battery. FCC (Fully Charger Capacity) is one way to monitor the battery’s health. This will inform you about the battery’s actual capacity.

♦Should I Leave My Lenovo Laptop Plugged in All the Time?

You shouldn’t. It can damage the battery if it is left plugged in all the time. It won’t overcharge if it is left plugged for a short time.

According to the company, one should set a threshold for the battery’s charge that will limit its capacity. This will reduce any degradation of the battery.

♦Which Laptop is Best for Students?

The Lenovo laptop is the best choice for school because it is within students’ financial means. It is durable and has a processor that meets the needs of students.

♦Do Asus Laptops Overheat?

Yes. Laptops can get very hot if they are used for extended periods. Laptops that aren’t properly ventilated can overheat and eventually shut down.

Although this is not a problem with the laptop, it would be a good idea to contact Asus Support to inquire about a replacement part due to their excellent warranty policy.

♦How Do I Stop My Asus Laptop From Overheating?

Overheating is a common problem with Asus laptops. This happens when there are issues with the airflow inside your laptop, such as blocked air filters, dirty vents, or other debris.

This causes internal components to heat up, leading to hardware failure. To avoid further problems down the line, it’s best to fix them as soon as possible.

These are some ways to stop your Asus laptop from overheating.

  • Regularly clean the fans and vents with a brush or compressed air.
  • Avoid putting anything close to the intake vent, such as a blanket or pillow.
  • To improve airflow, use a laptop stand or cooling pad when you are using your laptop.
  • Take apart your laptop and clean each component.

If the problem persists, take it to your local computer repair shop for an inspection and replacement of any damaged parts.

♦Should I Shut Down My Laptop Every Night?

Laptops that are used often should be turned off and shut down frequently. A power surge occurs when a computer is restarted after it has been turned off.

It is best to turn off your laptop when you aren’t using it for long periods.

♦Is it Bad to Leave the Laptop Plugged in All the Time?

Your laptop should not be plugged in as the battery can quickly go bad. It is best to unplug your laptop when the battery has reached 100%.

♦Should I Charge My Laptop to 100?

Laptops must be fully charged to function efficiently. To get the most life from your lithium-polymer battery, unplug it once it reaches 100%. It is best to unplug it before it has fully charged.

The idea is to charge your laptop to at least 80% and then wait until it reaches 40%. This will prolong the battery’s life.

This charging procedure is good for your everyday laptop use. However, if you’re traveling, allow it to charge up to 100% and then unplug it.

♦Is it Bad to Keep the Laptop Battery at 100%?

It is a good idea to unplug the battery once it has fully charged. You are not adding power to the battery. It is bad practice to idle charge the battery as the computer will draw power to keep it charged. This situation can cause voltage stress, which reduces the battery’s lifespan.

♦Should I Sleep or Shut Down My PC?

It is perfectly normal to take a break while using a laptop. You can choose to shut down or sleep if you feel like you need some time off the computer. Both options can be used to fulfill different purposes.

You should put the laptop into sleep mode if you need a quick break. It is better to shut down your computer every once in a while to make it new.

Sleep saves RAM and keeps the laptop in low power mode.

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