Avast UI Failed to Load Windows 10 1803; Details Information

Avast users running the latest versions 18.4.2388 and 18.3.2333 on Windows 10 1803 are encountering an error stating that the ‘UI failed to load, and the antivirus service is not responding.’

If visiting the Windows services interface and changing the ‘Remote Desktop Services’ service launch type to automatic and status to running does not resolve the issue, either wait for Avast to release a hot patch or follow the below methods to resolve the issue on your end.

Avast UI failed to report an error on Windows 10 version 1803 (64-bit).

Avast has already applied the remedy via a micro update to the 18.2 and 18.3 versions. As promised, the business has also issued the hotfix to the Avast 18.4.2338 build; you will need to restart Avast to apply the update.

To verify that the patch has been applied to your Avast version, navigate to the below registry key and look for the value 356=?

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In Windows 10 1803, Avast’s UI Failed to Load

When a big update for Windows 10 is released, software that runs on it may occasionally malfunction or cause troubles. Similarly, Avast has previously caused BSODs on Windows 10 1607 and was eventually corrected by the antivirus vendor.

The Avast UI failing to load issue with Windows 10 1803 appears to fall under that group.

Regarding the current issue, the Avast forum is being filled with user questions about it, and Avast software has pledged to offer a patch shortly.

“Yes, the issue is that auto-recovery does not operate on the current version of Windows 10. We intend to deliver a patch for version 18.4 today and another for version 18.3 next week.”

If you upgraded from a prior version, we recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the newest version to ensure the issue is not triggered.

We installed Avast using the Minimal Protection option and have not encountered this issue (update: dammit! After one day, the error reappeared, and we uninstalled Avast); you can do the same.

Assuring that you are running Windows 10 1803 with the latest cumulative update and other updates updated also helps to mitigate the issue.

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Additional Avast 18.4 issues

If Avast is installed with all shields deactivated, restarting may resolve the issue, resulting in the Shields Control displaying an incorrect ‘Enable all shields (1 disabled)’ error. Avast is aware of this and assures that the June Update will address the issue.

Selecting the Registration information menu item from the right-click menu of the Avast tray icon opens the Avast interface; this is a problem; Avast has not responded to this.

How Do You Fix Avast Antivirus UI Failed To Load?

The above solution may have resolved the Avast problem on your system. However, if the issue persists, you should attempt Repair.

STEP 1: Navigate to the Control Panel > Settings > Programs and Features.

 2: Click the Uninstall/Change option next to Avast.

 3: Select Change and then Repair.

 4: Finally, wait for Avast software to repair the program and make necessary modifications.

Restart your computer after the repair process is complete. It’s worth noting that Avast Software has officially fixed the failed-to-load user interface bug in the program’s most recent editions.

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Remove Avast from macOS.

Avast is also available for macOS, where I can use it to eliminate malware that has been identified specifically for the Apple operating system.

As I also stated in my guide on how to clean the Mac from viruses, there are viruses for macOS, but they are scarce. Thus, there is no immediate need for an antivirus with real-time monitoring action, as there is on Windows.

If you’ve reached the same decision and want to learn how to delete Avast from your Mac, follow these steps: To enter the main Avast screen, click on the antivirus symbol in the menu bar (top right, near to the system clock) and then on the menu that displays on the screen, select the Open Avast item.

Alternatively, launch the Launchpad (the rocket icon in the Dock bar) and navigate Avast from the installed application list.

At this point, navigate to the top-left Avast Security menu and pick the Uninstall Avast item from the menu that appears.

Click the Uninstall button in the window that appears on the screen, type the Mac administration password, and click Enter. Within a few seconds, you should uninstall the antivirus.

If Avast is not starting correctly on your Mac, open the dmg package containing the antivirus installation file (you may also download it directly from the Avast website) and double-click the Uninstall icon contained therein.

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Remove Avast from Android

Remove Avast from Android
Remove Avast from Android

Have you chosen to uninstall the Avast app from your Android smartphone or tablet but are unsure how to proceed? Do not be concerned; this is a no-brainer.

Navigate to your device’s drawer (the screen that displays a list of all loaded apps), long-tap on the Avast icon, and drag it to the Uninstall button or trash symbol that appears on the screen.

Alternatively, if neither of these two options shows, pick Uninstall from the Android menu that should appear.

Another option is to navigate to the iOS Settings menu (the gear symbol on the home screen or in the drawer), choose the App item, then the Avast item, and click the Uninstall button first, followed by the OK button.

Again, you can enter the Play Store, navigate to Avast, and click the Uninstall button first, followed by the OK button. In a nutshell, you have a plethora of options!

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