Can i use inkjet labels in a laser printer?

The use of inkjet, as well as laser printers, isn’t new. Finding a company that can continue its business without, at most, one of these printers is challenging. The technology used in printing has advanced since the time it was first introduced around 1938. Nowadays, we have various types of printers on the market, with inkjet and laser being the most popular. The papers and labels these printers use are functionally distinct from each other. Therefore, how do you utilize inkjet labels on the laser printer?

Before examining the details of this, a thorough understanding of the features of labels designed explicitly for printers is vital. The way that these printers handle the paper inside and the mechanism that controls ink absorption differ widely among printers. Although printing inkjet papers for laser printers is feasible, it requires unique mechanisms when it comes to handling. This article comprehensively describes the differences between laser and inkjet labels and the methods in which inkjet labels can be utilized in the laser printer.


The Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Labels

Using a precise process of ink dispersion onto the label’s surface, inkjet printers print labels. Inks are usually hot and wet when dispersed and need time to cool and be permanently incorporated into the label. The user must allow the ink to settle, which is made more accessible by the structure of the label. Inkjet labels excel at the absorption of the ink off the surface because of their porous surface. This allows the ink to dry quickly without the risk of spreading all over the label. The outputs generally are in the quality you want for labels printed using inkjet technology printed using the inkjet printing process.

can i use inkjet labels in a laser printer
The Difference Between Inkjet and Laser Labels

Laser printers, however, employ a different printing method and are much more efficient than inkjet printers. They utilize toner with heat and pressure to print forth crisp results. The pressure helps incorporate the toner, a powder-like substance inside the label. The process is accelerated by heat, creating a label more vulnerable to pressure. Therefore, laser-specific labels are needed to print on laser printers at the highest efficiency and deliver high-quality outputs. These papers are highly resistant to degrading due to high temperature and pressure. They are generally wet in the interior. This prevents the paper from drying down fully before any printing can be done.


Can You Use Inkjet Labels In A Laser Printer? If So, How?

Although it isn’t recommended to use inkjet paper with the laser printer, in reverse, it is possible. An important note is to avoid printing large quantities because printing just one part of the label is not recommended with the incorrect printer. A complete guide is available below for aid if you decide to try the process.

Step 1

Verifying the kind of label you purchased before using it with a printer is advisable. As we have mentioned, the quality of construction of these labels differs among printers. You should ensure that you are using regular inkjet labels that don’t require additional steps to be print-ready. You can choose from a variety of inkjet labels on the market that are constructed of glossy, semi-glossy, 

Step 2

The printer used for this process must be a standard model with no additional complications. Additional functions in the printer, such as scanning, could alter the printing process in a small way, which could ruin the whole plan. To test the printer, you can print on a blank piece of paper. The print’s quality can then be checked.

Step 3

Put the inkjet labels in the print tray on your laser printer. You should be able to do this if you’ve completed an experiment print during the first step. Be sure to leave the printer with stacks of labels. You must realize that this isn’t a good situation, and any pressure added to the process can cause permanent damage to the printer.

Step 4

After the label has been appropriately placed in the tray of your printer Once the label is correctly placed, you can create printing specifications on your computer. Verify that you have appropriately applied all the details and designs. Make sure you print only after you are happy with the design. Please beware of the label becoming stuck in the printer, as it is not the best material for the laser printer. If the label is printed successfully with the desired design, Don’t begin with rough manipulation. Allow it to dry before you can use it.



Following is a listing of frequently asked questions on printing inkjet papers in laser printers. We’ve addressed the most common confusion on this subject.

Q. Can inkjet labels be used with a laser printer?

Yes, but by observing specific standards to keep an eye on. The criteria are mentioned above.

Q. Can laser labels be used with an inkjet printer?

Yes, you can but having similar issues to those discussed in the above question.

Q. Every time I touch the label after it is out, the print smears. How come this is happening?

If you’re not printing the correct label on your printer, the ink isn’t absorbing speed enough. Make sure not to contact the print as soon as the label is removed and allow it to dry.

Q. Can the labels that are installed in the printer be recovered?

Yes, it is feasible to do it. But, you’ll have to break the top layer of the printer, then manually pull the label that is stuck out of the device. If you need more assurance about doing this, you might want to seek professional advice.


Final Remarks

We might not have a dedicated printing paper in our arsenal, but we might have to use other options in an emergency. The difference in function between laser and inkjet labels is that it’s not practical to print them on the laser printer. But, as we’ll see within this post, it’s certainly possible and could be tried based on need.

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