Cortana can’t connect to the internet, How to fix it?

One of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence( AI) sidekicks is Cortana. However, no matter how advanced this AI assistant is, you may occasionally run into its problems. So, if your Cortana isn’t connected to the internet, don’t worry; this article will show you how to solve it.

This Cortana connection problem could be caused by your Microsoft account, network connectivity, or settings. It’s also possible that the firewall or antivirus program is interfering with the connection.

What’s precluding Cortana from connecting to the internet?

After analyzing the issue and reviewing multiple user reports, we compiled a list of likely causes for this Cortana behavior. The following is a list of possible factors or contributors to the emergence of the problem:

A proxy server is interfering with Cortana– The problem was discovered to be caused by a deputy that was filtering the network connection. Because of this, Cortana’s capability to acclimate hunt results and queries grounded on the stoner’s position is purportedly limited.

Glitched home network– Still, anticipate Cortana to act strangely if your IP changes during a discussion If you have a dynamic IP. In this instance, the only solution is to restart the home network.

Microsoft account information is inconsistent — This problem can also arise if your Microsoft account information is incorrect or breaches community rules, as several druggies have noticed.

Microsoft account needs to be verified – If your Microsoft Account has a two-step authentication set, you may need to validate your account before Cortana can be used again.

How to fix the Cortana Not Connecting to the internet

If you’re having trouble connecting your Windows 10 PC to the internet, you can do a few things to fix the issue. Cortana may not be able to connect because of a network problem, or your broadband provider might be blocking access. 

If Cortana is not connecting to the internet, try these steps:

Steps-1: Check your network connectivity

Make that your computer is linked to the internet and that your network isn’t having any problems. If you’re still having trouble connecting, try troubleshooting your network connection mode or configuration.

Steps-2: Try disabling automatic updates

Some internet service providers (ISPs) may block certain types of updates from being sent automatically to your computer. You might turn off automatic updates to see if the problem goes away.

Steps-3: Refresh your browser cache and settings

Sometimes problems with websites can cause Cortana not to connect. If you’re not using Microsoft Edge, try clearing the cache and settings in your other browser. Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all have instructions on doing this.

Steps-4: Restart or reset your modem or router to Fix it

Some druggies passing the same problem stated that it was resolved as soon as they rebooted their home network. So, before you do anything further, be sure the problem isn’t coming from your home wifi or modem.

Simply unplug and re-plug your modem’s power cable, or press the reset button on the rear of your modem has one to test this idea.

You should renew your computer after your network has been restored to allow the router/ modem to reassign an IP address to your machine.

If this method fails to resolve the Cortana problem, move on to the next step listed below.

Steps-5: Disable any proxies (if applicable) to fix it

If you’re using a generic proxy application or merely utilizing a proxy to filter your outgoing browser connections, turn it off and see if Cortana recovers.

However, you should be aware that removing your proxy solution may necessitate restarting your computer. Then, on the next startup, see if Cortana can connect to the internet. If this strategy doesn’t work for you, move on to the next way listed below.

Steps-6: Launch another application that uses a Microsoft account to fix it

This may be an odd workaround, but several customers have claimed it restored Cortana’s ability to connect to the internet. This option entails running another application that works similarly to Cortana and leverages your Microsoft account information – Store is a strong contender for this task.

According to several druggies who had preliminarily encountered this issue, starting the Store app brought up a dialog box that allowed them to modernize their Microsoft Account with the necessary information.

With this in mind, try opening your Sore app and seeing whether you can finish filling out your Microsoft Account details. Now, restart your computer.

Steps-7: Verify your Microsoft Account 

According to stoner reports, Cortana may be unfit to connect to the internet because your Microsoft account is no longer vindicated. This is most likely when a person utilizes a two-step authentication method with their Microsoft account.

If this scenario occurs to you, open the Settings app and select Accounts from the drop-down menu. Then search in your Microsoft account to see if there’s a Verify link, and click on it if you have one.

Also, to validate your account, follow the on-screen way. You’ll almost certainly be asked to enter a code sent to you by SMS or the Authenticator app (depending on your previously established steps).

Now, restart your computer to see if the problem has been resolved.

Final Thoughts: Cortana can’t connect to the internet.

If the issue persists after following these steps, please reach out to us for help. We’d be happy to help you figure out what’s preventing Cortana from connecting to the internet!

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