Dell XPS 13 vs Surface Laptop 4: Which 13-inch laptop is best?

This reviews two amazing laptops, The Surface Laptop 4 and XPS 13.

The Dell XPS 13 has proven to be a premium laptop time and time again, and the latest version is not any different.

Due to the strength of Intel’s latest 11th Gen Tiger Lake processor, the XPS 13 offers excellent performance, more than eleven hours of battery power, and the ability to play various AAA games at low settings.

However, this amazing laptop comes with some competition. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 is a stunning display, a long lifespan battery, and blazing fast performance at a reasonable price. Both are featured on our top laptops page and rank one of the top 13-inch laptops available, But which is the better choice?

Dell XPS 13 vs. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4: Specs compared 


Value and configurations

The Dell XPS 13 starts at $949 and comes with the Intel Core i3-1115G4 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an SSD with a capacity of 256GB. Our review unit cost $1,649 and was equipped with Intel IrisXe Graphics with an Intel Core I7-1165G7 CPU with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

It is available and costs $1,249 using the Core Intel i7-1185G7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and an SSD with 512GB capacity. By paying an additional $400, you can change the display’s resolution from 1080p to 4K, or 3456 x 2160 pixels OLED.

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 starts at $999 and is equipped with its AMD Ryzen 5 4680U CPU, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD. The review unit we tested for $1,699 was equipped with Intel IrisXe Graphics and an Intel Core i7-1185G7 CPU with 16GB of RAM and an SSD of 512GB. If you pay an additional $700, you can upgrade up to 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD.

The winner is: Dell XPS 13


It’s Frost White exterior evokes a cold sensation, enhanced due to its aluminum chassis, anodized to make it cool and smooth to feel. It has its own Arctic White glass fiber weave on the keyboard deck, offering stain and fade resistance. Thanks to the twin-coil hinges, opening the lid of the XPS 13 is simple. Also, you’ll enjoy a wonderful experience thanks to the four-sided InfinityEdge display that helps to create an almost bezel-free appearance.

dell xps 13 vs surface laptop 4

The Surface Laptop 4 we reviewed was similar to the Surface Laptop 4 but with a cooler color, sporting an arctic hue that Microsoft refers to as Ice Blue. The lid can be lifted, and you can bask in the soft and resistant to staining Alcantara fabric that forms the keyboard’s deck. If you’re not happy with the design, users could opt for an all-aluminum design by choosing either the Sandstone or Matte Black colors. The Surface Laptop 4’s bezels are thick unattractive, and distracting.

The XPS 13 (11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6-inch) and Surface Laptop 4 (12.1 x 8.8 x 0.6 inches) weigh 2.8 pounds, but this laptop’s dimensions are larger and more imposing.

Winner – XPS 13


The XPS 13 has a Thunderbolt 4 port on both the right and left sides. Additionally, it’s not equipped with ports because it only has an audio connector on the right side and a microSD card slot on its left. Its absence of the USB-A connection could be a hassle for many users; however, Dell has included a USB C-to-USB-A adapter in the laptop.

Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4 is similarly without ports since the left side of it has the USB 3.1 Type-A port and a USB 3.1 Type-C port, but no Thunderbolt support and an audio connector. On the right side, you’ll find docking and magnetic charging ports. Connect port.

Winner: XPS 13


The first thing you’ll be able to see as you open the XPS 13’s cover is the almost bezel-less touchscreen. It’s not just that this 13.4-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1200-pixels touchscreen bright; it concentrates only on what’s going on on the screen. Dell has even been able to place an internet camera over that display. However, the Surface Laptop 4’s 13.5-inch 2256 pixels x 1504-pixel touchscreen lets colors be more vivid than on other displays like the XPS 13. Business users will be pleased with the aspect ratio of 3:2, even though this XPS 13 also uses an alternative 16:10. However, it’s plagued by big bezels, which can detract from the most important elements.

dell xps 13 vs surface laptop 4

The XPS 13 averaged 469 nits of brightness, which is significantly better than the laptop’s standard (392 devices) or much more bright than the Surface Laptop 4 (349 nits).

 But it’s not as bright. XPS 13 measured only 69.4 percent in the DCI-P3 spectrum of colors. It’s not as vibrant as the Surface laptop’s 77% but far from the 85percent premium laptop average.

Winner: Draw.

Keyboard and Touchpad 

The XPS 13 and Surface Laptop 4 both make sure that the keyboard has as much room as is practical. Dell even boosted keyboard size by 9.9% using the most recent XPS 13. The keys in the island style are sturdy, bouncy, and spaced. It’s Surface Laptop 4’s keyboard also feels bouncy and makes typing effortless. The keys are spacious enough to accommodate most hands.

Its 2.5 and 4.4-inch glass touchpad feels comfortable and comes with a rapid and responsive response. It is possible to perform gestures and switch between pages with no delay. Its 4.5 3-inch touchpad is soft and responsive. It can perform smooth gestures with an enthralling click from the lower left or right corner.

Both laptops are excellent at their job. However, Surface Laptop 4 Surface Laptop 4 is the most suitable option. Surface Laptop 4 comes with an improved keyboard design and a larger touchscreen.

Winner: Surface Laptop 4


With 16GB of RAM and driven through Intel’s Tiger Lake processors, the XPS 13 and Surface Laptop 4 have a fast performance when performing demanding tasks. The XPS 13 review unit had a 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor and could run 30 tabs simultaneously, consisting of YouTube movies, Twitch streams, and Twitter pages. We conducted our Surface Laptop 4 review had an Intel Core i7-1185G7 processor and 16GB of RAM. It was equally capable of with the same number of tabs.

For the Geekbench 5.4 overall benchmark for performance, The Surface Laptop 4 scored 4,829, but it was not as impressive as the XPS 13 (5,319). However, both laptops are above the standard laptop score of 4,368.

The Surface Laptop 4 performed better during the Handbrake test. The Surface Laptop 4 took 17 minutes and 1 second to change a 4K video into 1080p. Comparatively, using the XPS 13 took 18 minutes and 22 seconds. However, neither was quicker than the 16:17 average for the category.

The XPS 13 was able to duplicate 25GB of multimedia files at 729.3 megabytes per second. This is higher than that of the Surface Laptop 4 (562.7 MBps) and the average for the category (630.5 MBps). The XPS 13 is the win for its more powerful SSD.

Winner: XPS 13

Battery Life

The Intel Tiger Lake processors have played a role in greatly enhancing battery life. This is especially evident with laptops such as the XPS 13 or Surface Laptop 4. In the Laptop Mag Battery Test, Both were more durable than the 10 hours and 19 minutes premium laptops average. The XPS 13 ran at 11:07 before shutting down, while Surface Laptop 4 ran at 10:46.

Winner 13XPS

Overall winner: XPS 13


Surface Laptop 4 is a fantastic choice; however, the XPS 13 pulled ahead in almost all categories. While some of these races were competitive, however, it was the XPS 13 dominated in the end thanks to its long battery life, more powerful SSD, and bright, clear display. It also has an elegant design. With its nearly bezel-less display, you’ll be able to concentrate on the things that matter. Dell upgraded an already outstanding laptop with the latest model.

But the Surface Laptop 4 pulls ahead in a couple of ways. It has an aesthetically pleasing display, and the keyboard feels comfier; it can convert movies from HD to 1080p much faster than its predecessor, the XPS 13. Even though it’s been snubbed with the XPS 13, it still is a top-of-the-line processor with good battery life and an affordable price. Although we recommend the XPS 13 to be used over the Surface Laptop 4, you will not be disappointed by either.

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FAQS- Dell XPS 13 vs Surface Laptop 4

♦Which laptop is better, Dell or Surface?

The Dell XPS 13 provides the best user experience due to its superior screen and Thunderbolt four ports. It also has longer battery life. If you’re searching for a laptop that is as inexpensive as it can, Surface Laptop 3 13.5 is the best choice. Surface Laptop 3 13.5 will be the better option.

♦Is a Dell XPS 13 worth it?

Our Verdict. Our Take. Dell XPS 13 is great for use in schools. It’s a very well-constructed laptop that is easy to carry around with batteries that last less than 10 hours of moderate performance, which is enough to see you through your typical school day fully charged.

♦Is XPS the best Windows laptop?

We’re convinced that the most recent Dell XPS 13 is the top Windows laptop, thanks to its exceptional power, portability, and battery longevity. The stunning, borderless InfinityEdge display isn’t too bad also.

♦What is the difference between Dell XPS 13 and the new XPS 13?

At CES 2022, we were informed that the Dell XPS 13 Plus packs a 55WHr battery that is more powerful (and likely to last longer) than the battery that was 52WHr in the older Dell XPS 13. However, the Plus has a stronger CPU that has a greater energy consumption than the CPUs found that were used in earlier models, so the larger battery might not necessarily mean more endurance.

♦Why is my Dell XPS 13 so hot?

The increased number of processing of programs can stress the CPU, which causes it to be overheated. Also, be sure not to open more than one tab on your browser. Cleanse air vents and fan A clogged air vent and fans could hinder the efficiency of the Dell XPS. Make sure you check and clean them regularly. Time.

♦Is Dell XPS 13 Good for engineering students?

The Dell XPS 13 above is an excellent system for students studying engineering. If you’re a fan of the Dell style but feel that you require a bigger, more powerful model that takes premium to a new level, you’ll be interested in the powerful Dell XPS 17.

♦What is the best Dell XPS model?

Dell XPS 13 Plus (9320) is the best Dell laptop for most users, even though there are plenty of choices regarding specific preferences. The XPS 13 Plus is gorgeous and has sufficient capacity but can become expensive.

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