Do I need windows live essentials? 11 Benefits

Windows live essential is a suite of tools and applications that come pre-installed on Windows 8.1 and higher, including Mail, Calendar, Photos, and more. We’ll examine if you require Windows Live Essentials in this post and, if so, which ones.

What is Windows Live Essential?

Microsoft’s Windows Live platform includes a set of utilities called Windows Live Essentials. It includes a blog, instant messaging, photo sharing, and video sharing features.

The Windows Live website offers a free download of Windows Live Essentials.

It is designed to make it easy for people to stay connected with friends and family, manage their personal information, and stay organized. Windows Live Essentials is cross-platform, so it works on PCs and Macs.

What are the benefits of using Windows Live Essential?

Windows Live Essential is a suite of tools and applications that help you stay connected, organized, and productive. Here are eleven benefits of using Windows Live Essential:

  1. Stay connected with your friends and family: Windows Live Essential lets you stay connected with your friends and family through chat, email, and social networking sites like Facebook. You can also join groups to talk with other people about interest-related subjects.


  1. Stay organized with quick access to your photos, videos, and documents: Windows Live Essentials makes it easy to access your photos, videos, and documents from anywhere. Using the integrated sharing features in Windows Live Essentials, you can quickly share files with friends or colleagues.


  1. Get work done with powerful productivity tools: Windows Live Essentials includes tools like Mail that make it easy to keep track of your deadlines and manage your work schedule. You can also use the web-based version of Office to create and edit documents on the go.


  1. Stay secure online with security features: Windows Live Essentials includes anti-virus protection, online backup, and password protection to help you stay safe online.


  1. Access your files from any computer: With WindowsLive Essentials, you can access your files from any computer, even if you don’t have the Microsoft Windows operating system installed. 


  1. Enhanced contact management features: With Windows Live Essentials, you can easily keep track of your contacts’ email addresses, phone numbers, and website URLs. You can also add notes about each contact, making it easier to stay in touch with them.


  1. Improved calendar features: With Windows Live Essentials, you can quickly view your calendar events in various ways. Without having to replicate the data, you may even add events from other calendars into your own.


  1. Improved news and weather services: Windows Live Essentials provides access to various news sources and weather forecasts worldwide. Keeping up with current affairs is also possible by subscribing to RSS feeds from various sources.


  1. Easy access to stock information: Windows Live Essentials provides various tools for tracking stocks and market prices. You can also view news articles about the stock market and make financial decisions based on that information.


  1. Enhanced security features: Windows Live Essentials includes features for protecting your online privacy. You can choose to encrypt your communications using secure sockets layer (SSL) technology, and the service also supports virus protection and anti-spyware protection.


  1. Easy installation and use: Windows Live Essentials is easy to install and use, regardless of your level of computer experience.

Do I need windows live essentials?

Windows Live Essentials is a suite of tools bundled with Windows 8 and later versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows Live Essentials provides features such as a web browser, instant messaging, photo sharing, and social networking services. It also includes a built-in office application and an app store. Most people don’t need Windows Live Essentials. If you only use basic web browsing, instant messaging, and photo sharing features, you can get by without it. However, if you want to use some of the more advanced features (like using the Office application or accessing the app store), you’ll need to download and install Windows Live Essentials.


It may appear at first glance that Windows Live Essentials is not necessary. But the truth is that your blog will not function at its best without them. Windows live essentials give you access to several features essential for running a successful blog, such as the ability to share your posts on social media and have them appear in search engine results. In addition, they provide support for things like comments and tracking analytics. So whether or not you need windows live essentials, I recommend installing them if you want to maximize your blog’s potential.



♦Can Windows Live Essentials be uninstalled?

You will have the option to remove Essentials when you choose them. With Windows Live Essentials, an add-on, you may access additional features including Live Movie Maker, Live Messenger, and Live Mail. It won’t interfere with Windows if you uninstall it. At a later time, you may as simply reinstall it.

♦Is Windows Essentials 2012 necessary?

Compared to Windows Live Essentials 2011, Windows Essentials 2012 has been somewhat pared down. The bundle currently comes with Microsoft Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, SkyDrive (a desktop application), Writer, and Messenger. Note: When you install Windows Essentials 2012, Live Mesh is replaced by SkyDrive.

♦Windows Essentials for Windows 10: What is it?

How to set up Movie Maker and other Microsoft Windows Essentials programs on Windows 10. OneDrive, Messenger, Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, and Windows Live Essentials were all part of the desktop software package known as Windows Essentials (also known as Windows Live Essentials).

♦What features come with Windows Essentials?

The discontinued Microsoft shareware bundle known as Windows Essentials contained email, instant messaging, image sharing, blogging, and parental control software (formerly Windows Live Essentials and Windows Live Installer).

♦Is Windows Live still available?

Due to the continued availability of DeltaSync on Gmail and other providers, users may still use Windows Live Mail with non-Microsoft email accounts. On January 10, 2017, Windows Essentials 2012, including Windows Live Mail 2012, passed the end of its support period and is no longer accessible on Microsoft’s download page.

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