How Much Does a Laptop Weigh? Latest Guide

A laptop is a necessary piece of technology for many people. But with all the different sizes and weights, it can be hard to choose the right one.

I use my laptop a lot, from walking around to flying with it. When I was looking for a new one, I considered the weight and the strain it would give my back and arms if I carried it.

How much does a laptop weigh? Laptops range in weight from 2 to 8 lbs.


They fall into five categories:

  • Chromebook/ Ultrabook (2 – 3 lbs)
  • Slim and Light (3–6 lbs),
  • Desktop Replacement (4 lbs)
  • Ultraportable (2–5 lbs)
  • Luggables (8 lbs)

Laptops vary in size because some have more hardware, such as fans than others. The laptop’s size and proportions may also be an issue. Taking into account many aspects might help you choose the best laptop.

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Getting to Know Laptop Weight

The weight of your future laptop can influence your choice. Understanding the various types is crucial.

Ultrabooks/Chromebooks are a type of notebook, not a category. The Ultrabook is Intel’s name for their Windows laptops. The Chromebook is a Chrome OS notebook from Google. Both were meant to be lightweight to keep up with lighter computers.


Ultraportable laptops are small and light, making them ideal for travel. Laptops in this category include the HP EliteBook, Apple Macbook Air, Acer Swift 7, and HP Spectre Folio.

Ultraportable laptops

Thin and Light laptops are supposed to be slightly heavier than Ultraportable computers. These laptops are Microsoft Surface Book 2, Google Pixel book, Dell XPS 15, and Lenovo Yoga 920.

Thin laptops

Mobile desktop replacement laptops are designed to perform like desktop computers. They are helpful if you need a more powerful laptop than usual. This type of laptop usually has an extra fan for better heat dissipation and a larger battery to compensate for all the power they need.

EXAMPLES are the MSI GP73 Leopard-209, Alienware 17 R5 Gaming Laptop, and MSI GT75 Titan 17.3′′ 4k Laptop.

Luggable laptops are more like desktop PCs than laptops. They don’t even sell the cases for these computers anymore; however, several DIY issues are available for those who still want one. A Compaq Portable II is an ancient computer that weighed over 15 lbs.

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Ideal Weight of Various Laptops

    No         Laptop Brand                Weight


Dell Inspiron 15 7000


       3.74 lbs / 1.69 kg



Asus Laptop L210

        2.30 lbs / 1.05 kg





Microsoft Surface Pro X

        2.32 lbs / 1.06 kg



 HP EliteBook x360

        2.45 lbs / 1.11 kg


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How to Choose the Best Laptop according to its Weigh

Now that you know how much laptops weigh, you can decide which one is best for your everyday needs.

Thin laptops and light are ideal for persons who travel frequently, are students, or walk around with their laptops daily.

A 13′′ screen, lightweight, and size-appropriate hardware feature these three laptop categories. Fewer laptops have weaker technology, such as smaller batteries, RAM, and hard disk space.

People who don’t carry their computers around all day leave them on their desks for long periods. A desktop replacement laptop is a good idea. They are heavier to haul but compensate with powerful hardware.

desktop PC
desktop PC

Luggable computers are an earlier sort of computer that is not very transportable. They usually require an outlet to turn on; therefore, their use is limited.

This is a fantastic option if you don’t expect to move around frequently. At that time, a desktop PC may be superior because it was larger and had more powerful hardware.

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(FAQs) about How Much Does a Laptop Weigh

What is a standard laptop size?

Computers are usually 13 inches; however, several businesses have created more adaptable 3D laptops with attractive screens. So many use 17-inch laptops. The ideal screen size is 11-17 inches, depending on your demands.

What is the average weight of an old Dell Laptop in kg?

This is a frequently asked question. So, the Dell laptop weighs between 2 and 2.5 kilograms.

How heavy is an HP laptop?

HP’s recommended laptop weight is also between 2 and 2.5 kilograms.

How heavy is a 5LB laptop?

That is ultra-portable. A laptop of 14 inches is likewise standard. But a 15-inch notebook is heavy compared to today’s ultra-portable notebooks.

How heavy is a 2-kilogram laptop?

No, our research shows that most ultra-light laptop weighs between 2 and 2.5 kg. So, a 2kg laptop is considered usable.

How heavy is a 17-inch laptop?

The 17-inch laptop weighs between 2 and 3 kg due to its size.

How heavy is a 15.6-inch laptop?

A 15.6-inch laptop weighs between 2.4 and 4.4 pounds. It varies on the laptop maker and model.

Is 4lbs for a laptop too much?

4lbs can be a considerable difference for those who prefer light computers. But it is not overly heavy in terms of technology and characteristics.

Is it true that laptops get heavier?

To avoid this, PC hard drives are smaller than workstation hard drives. So, don’t worry, it will get heavier, but only by picograms or so. Enterprises save data as 1s and 0s. A 1 includes electrons, while a 0 does not.

Which laptop is the heaviest?

The technology’s heaviest laptop is the Acer Predator 21X.

Which laptop is the lightest and most powerful?

Above are the greatest lightweight and powerful laptops: I also developed a comprehensive read-it guide. here

  • HP Elite Dragonfly
  • LG Gram 17
  • Acer Aspire 5 Slim
  • Lenovo IdeaPad S130
  • SHP Spectre x360 14
  • Samsung Galaxy Book

Final Opinion About Laptop Weigh

Lightweight laptops are becoming more popular than ever. Manufacturers are now making thinner and lighter computers.

Examples are the Macbook Air and Acer Swift. Given the current trend, heavy laptops like the Compaq Portable ii will soon be obsolete. The average laptop weighs 1.5-2 kg.

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