How much does it cost to replace a laptop battery?

All schools and offices are converted into home offices. Online classes and home offices are top-rated today. The use and demand for laptops are increasing. The battery life of laptops decreases as more use is done.

If you are using it often, the faster it gets drained. If this occurs, it is possible to swap out the laptop’s batteries. No matter what brand or model you select, you’ll eventually need to replace it. The cost of replacing laptop batteries may seem costly to you.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Battery?

Based on 2022’s estimates that a laptop battery replacement could cost between $50 and $200. The cost of batteries varies based on the brand and the type of laptop. Replacing batteries for the Macbook will be more expensive than other brands like HP, Dell, or Acer.


Laptop Battery Replacement Cost Summary

The following is a list of the actual prices for replacing laptop batteries. (Including the cost of labor)

how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery

How You Save Cost When Replacing a Laptop Battery?

We recommend that you make it yourself. There are a lot of videos on changing laptop batteries via the internet or Google. If you choose to replace it using labor, you must add payment of between $30 and $ 50 for the replacement service.

The cost of laptop batteries is not that expensive. Batteries are available for a variety of prices. You can find a low-cost battery or a costly one.

Find lower-cost battery options from 3rd party suppliers by searching online to find your laptop’s model as well as the price of the battery. It is possible to purchase it for an affordable cost if you have the charge of the original battery.


Top Laptop Battery Brand Cost Summary

how much does it cost to replace a laptop battery

Gaming Laptops and Battery Replacement Cost

There is a slight difference in the cost of a battery for the typical business laptop or study laptop when compared with a gaming laptop. The battery in gaming laptops is specifically designed to give maximum power; gaming laptops are equipped with internal graphics cards that run at high Hz and have high-speed RAMs.

Brand Wise Laptop Battery Replacement Cost

How much will it cost to replace the battery of a Macbook?

MacBook laptops and batteries come at a very high price in the marketplace. According to the official Apple website, MacBook batteries typically cost anywhere between $129-$199, based on your model.

When a computer is under warranty, the system will be repaired by Apple technicians at their service centers. The contract is voided if the device is not covered under Apple’s guarantee.


How much will it cost to replace the battery in the HP laptop?

The cost of replacing the HP laptop battery ranges from $20 and $145. Batteries cost between $45 and $145 for an entirely new model and between $20 and $60 for an older model.

Typically HP batteries show an insufficient capacity after three years. This isn’t correct. However, HP batteries aren’t expensive; they aren’t cheap either. The battery costs for the latest HP Pavillion laptop range from $30 to $40.


What’s the price to replace a battery in a Dell Laptop?

A laptop battery replacement can cost between $30 and $120 depending on the model of Dell. New batteries can cost as high as $120, while older models cost between $30 and $30. Dell laptops come with a lithium-ion battery with the longest-lasting charge of around two years.


What is the cost to replace the battery on an Acer Laptop?

The price for replacing the Acer notebook battery is between $20 to $105. A new battery is priced at $50-$105, while an older version costs about $20-$50.

Acer has been the leader in this market since the time of globalization. Their laptop battery is robust and provides the best battery performance over 2 and 4 years.


What is the cost to replace a battery on an Asus Laptop?

What is the cost to replace a battery on an Asus Laptop

Laptop batteries from Asus typically cost between $25 and $125. Replacement batteries range between $55 and $125, while an old battery is between $25 and $60.

With this model, you can pick from various laptops with different batteries. In general, the lifespan of ASUS laptops is between 8 and 10 hours.


What is the cost to replace the battery on a Lenovo Laptop?

The cost of replacing batteries on the Lenovo laptop ranges from about $25 to $200. Batteries are priced between $30 and $200. An older model costs between $25 and $70.

Lenovo has been producing laptops for many years and now offers various models and a wide range of batteries. The battery can last, on average, 6 to 7 hours.


How much will it cost to replace the battery on a Toshiba Laptop?

A brand new Toshiba laptop battery can cost between $20-$100. A brand new battery will cost between $45 and $100, while an older version will cost 20 to $30.

There are several Toshiba laptop batteries on the market. Because sure older Toshiba batteries aren’t readily accessible, the retailer may need to increase the price. Beware of scams by confirming online before buying at local markets.


What are the advantages of replacing laptop batteries?

Before replacing the battery on your laptop, verify your warranty status and privacy policies first. If warranties cover you, then you can get them for free. There will be some adjustments when you replace a laptop battery. You’ll experience a more user-friendly experience, but not the same as your original battery.

What are the advantages of replacing laptop batteries

In the beginning, you noticed that your battery’s performance was increasing. The storm drains quickly, and you get a 2-4 hours minimum backup. If you experience any issue with heating in the battery, it can be fixed by replacing the battery with a new one.

It could be the laptop closes off immediately after disconnecting it from an AC adapter. If the issue is due to your battery, it can be solved.


How to Perform a Laptop Battery Replacement at Home?

It’s a straightforward procedure. After you’ve purchased the proper notebook battery, you can change it yourself. The steps are like this:

  • In the beginning, you must make a report on your battery in the operating system you are using regarding your battery problem.
  • You must then disconnect all connections connected to the power source.
  • With the aid of a screwdriver, remove the back panel with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the battery from the old one.
  • You must then connect the battery to your power supply.
  • After that, you can correctly place the back panel.
  • Examine your battery’s performance brand new battery.

Note that if your laptop is equipped with an unremovable battery, you need to contact the manufacturer of your original device.


Essential Cost Factors for Laptop Battery Replacement

Every laptop battery has a unique number. The laptop battery’s cost is in the price list provided by the seller after you combine the numbers. The numbers are calculated using technical terms like mAh and Watt. They also include Voltage, Voltage, or the number of cells in a particular cell. Check them out.


  • Brands: The market for laptops is full of laptop brands. Every brand comes with specific specifications. Prices for these products differ by the specifications. Based on the model, the cost of laptop batteries will be different.


  • Models: Each type of laptop have other specifications. Therefore, you must select the appropriate battery for the exact model of your laptop.


  • The mAh (Milliamp Hours): This is the capacity of the batteries. There is 3000 mAh or 5500 mAh printed on the top of the back of your battery. This will inform you how long it will last. The higher the mAh increases, the more you’ll have to spend.


  • Several cells: The number of cells. Comparing batteries, you’ve probably been told about six cells, four cells, or nine cells. In terms of capacity, each battery varies. For instance, a specific model that has 12 cells is around 50% more capacity than a model with eight cells. The measurement of power isn’t an easy task. However, pricing is straightforward. You will have to pay more to require more capacity.


  • Voltage (V): The power your laptop uses depends on how much electricity it draws in. Using this approach, the voltage may be used to calculate volume. Batteries with varying voltage ratings are produced by various manufacturers. One battery is available in various versions with different voltage ratings. The price will depend on what voltage is recommended.


  • The Whr (Watt Hour): A laptop’s power use is measured as Watt-hours. Look over the laptop’s peripherals and devices to determine how they score. The amount of watts used per hour is calculated in Watts/Whr. The power consumption unit for an hour is 1 Whr. A bigger battery is needed for laptops with a more excellent Whr rating, ultimately increasing their price.


How Do You Know if the Laptop Battery is Bad?

How Do You Know if the Laptop Battery is Bad

There are sure signs that you’ll observe when using your laptop. Suppose something is wrong with your laptop’s battery. To help you understand, we will try the reasons for these signs.



It is usual for batteries to produce a small amount of warmth when in operation. Heat sinks and fans are designed to disperse the extra heat produced from your computer. If your battery is dying, the computer has to perform more.

This creates more heat which causes your fan to slow down. There may be some sound too. To determine whether your laptop is hot, touch the laptop’s bottom in case of excessive fan noise.


Failing to Charge

There are times when you are not able to charge even after plugging into. Be sure to check each connection and the connections before concluding.

If you’ve got an old battery, then change it. After trying the various steps, if the procedure doesn’t work, you’ll have to recognize that the laptop’s battery is dying. It is necessary to replace it.


Short Run Time and Shutdowns

When you unplug your laptop, you’ll notice that it stops working abruptly. Sometimes, it shuts down after just a few minutes of use without giving you a battery status alert.


Computers that abruptly shut off might potentially indicate a bad battery. But, faulty batteries aren’t the sole cause of accidents, and you must examine the battery if it suddenly stops providing electricity.


Laptop Battery Replacement Warning

Windows and Mac operating systems display an alert when battery levels reach critical. This indicates the health of your battery.


Three Major Safety Rules for Laptop Battery

If you’d like to see your laptop’s battery run longer, here are three steps you must adhere to when working on your computer. Here are the three tips:


1. After using any program, you shut off the software. If other programs run simultaneously, it requires more power and could affect the battery.


2. Active Wi-Fi, screen brightness, and even nonstop video viewing are other elements that affect the typical battery life.


3. Batteries can be wasted when using a laptop for a primary desktop PC since it’s constantly connected. The laptop doesn’t need the use of a battery when it is connected to an outlet. Therefore, the battery’s life is extended by taking the battery and recharging it. It is easy to fix the battery whenever you need to leave.


Which Laptop Brand Has The Best Battery Life?

Best battery life means you enjoy more run time on your laptop. Below are laptop brands with the best battery life.

  1. Dell Latitude 9410 14″
  2. ASUS ExpertBook B9
  3. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro
  4. Dell XPS 13 9310 Touchscreen 
  5. HP Pavilion Aero Ultra-Lightweight
  6. Acer Swift 3 Intel Evo
  7. Apple MacBook Air
  8. Acer – Chromebook Spin 
  9. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 
  10. Apple MacBook Pro
  11. Microsoft Surface Pro 
  12. Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop

FAQs – How much does it cost to replace a laptop battery?


♦Is it worthwhile, in your opinion, to replace the laptop battery?

Answer: It’s inevitable that a highly well-maintained laptop battery is going to fail eventually. The battery in your laptop may have run out when it is dying, so it’s the right time to get a new one. Although your battery’s death might appear sudden, it’s not.


♦Can I replace the laptop’s battery?

Answer: Of course, you can. It’s just a matter of following the steps that are easy to follow. Until the battery is changed, your laptop will be powered by an AC adapter.


♦Do you think that charging too much can damage your laptop battery?

Answer: The excess of anything is harmful. It’s the same with laptops. The latest laptops feature the technology of cutting off batteries. It lets the laptop stop the power from the charger once the battery is empty. However, if the sensor has been damaged, the battery could be damaged if you charge it too much.


♦Is the laptop’s battery able to be repaired?

Answer: Your laptop’s battery can be changed, yes. If you’re unclear about how to proceed, this article will outline the procedures required to install an extra battery on your own. Through these steps, you’ll learn how to complete this repair quickly and efficiently, so you can increase the battery longevity of your gadget.


♦Do I have to use a laptop with no battery?

Answer: Naturally, you can. If you do not have a battery, laptops can operate. For the machine to operate, the battery must be unhooked and connected to the power supply. The only thing is that if you shut off the power source, the laptop will not shut off because there’s no power backup; therefore, it will close immediately and won’t interrupt the process.


♦Is it a good idea to keep your laptop on constantly?

Answer: A proper care regimen is vital for your laptop’s battery to last. The laptop you plug in constantly isn’t damaging to the battery. However, you should remember that this is connected to a damaged laptop battery. The battery in your laptop must be kept cool, and you must take measures to stop it from happening.


♦How long can we be using a laptop?

Answer: It’s yours to decide. Because there are trade-offs you need to be aware of when you use your laptop all day, you must sacrifice the health of your laptop’s battery. Laptops frequently used for long periods will lose shape faster than they usually. However, this is more complicated than we believe.


♦Is replacing the laptop battery going to enhance performance?

Answer: A faulty battery doesn’t impair laptop performance. It can simply shorten the computer’s lifespan, which is the only effect it can have. The battery in your laptop may be inadequate or at a critical degree, which means that your computer can only operate on battery power.


♦What is the typical life of laptop batteries?

Answer: The laptop battery starts to malfunction after around two years. Laptop batteries typically last for between 400 and 80 full recharges. They can’t maintain their charge for long. In this way, the battery that once could power the device for between four and five hours can now be charged for just one for two to three hours.


♦What is the battery life of a laptop after each charge?

Answer: Laptop batteries typically have a lifespan of between 2 and 6 hours following a fully charged battery and unplugged from the adapter for power. The length of time depends on the battery’s capacity, age, and the gadget’s use. As batteries age, their capacity decreases. Their ability is on a slow decline as time passes, and it won’t last longer than it was before.

We aim to explain the cost of everything to our readers to help you reduce the expense of replacing the battery on your laptop. Tell us how you handle the battery in your laptop by posting your feedback.


I am grateful that you took your time reading this post. You can also learn about the process I used to replace my laptop’s keyboard here. Be safe and have a great day.


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