How to Add Headers or Footers in Google Sheets

You won’t see Google sheets headers and footers in a spreadsheet unless you decide to print it. You’ll need to utilize the printer settings menu to add headers and footers to a Google Sheets spreadsheet—here’s how

To begin, go to Google Sheets and open the spreadsheet with your data. To view the printer settings option for your document, go to File > Print at the top of the screen.

You can adjust the layout and design of your spreadsheet under the “Print Settings” menu to make it appropriate for printing. Click the “Headers and Footers” category in the right-hand menu to add a new header or footer.

There will be a list of various header and footer options. Toggle the checkbox next to a preset option (such as “Page Numbers”) to make it active.

You can customize your printed spreadsheet by adding page numbers, a workbook title, a sheet name, or the current date and time. Google decides whether to put items in the header or the footer on its own.

Page numbers, for example, are automatically inserted in the footer, while the title of the workbook is automatically displayed in the header. Click “Edit Custom Fields” to adjust the position of a preset choice or to add custom text to a header or footer.

The print view on the right will change, allowing you to adjust the header and footer text boxes. To make changes to your header or footer, click a box.

To return to the “Print Settings” menu, click “Confirm” at the top right when you’re ready to save your changes.

If you’re happy with your header or footer adjustments, click “Next” in the top right corner.

You’ll now be taken to the printer options menu in your browser or operating system. More print parameters for your spreadsheet, such as the number of copies you want to print, can be specified here.

The modifications you make to your header or footer will be saved automatically, and they’ll be applied to any future printed copies of your Google Sheets document.

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