How to change audio output on windows 10

We have to connect many audio devices to our computers like speakers and headphones. While you need the change, you can change as you want the audio output. When you realize how to change the audio output on Windows 10 PC, you can change it effectively according to your desire. 

In windows 10, you can save the specific audio app. In updated windows 10, the audio works properly without any problems. Whether you face any problems, like is not working, at first, you have to solve then have to move on to another output.

How to change audio output on windows 10

There are three ways to change audio output. First of all, you can get access directly in the taskbar of the speaker icon. Second, you have to use the audio setting from the setting options. Last, of all, you have to use the playback setting.

Use Settings App To Change Audio Output

Using the setting, You will be able to change audio output. The shortcut way to search, click on windows key plus I, you will see the open the setting app, then go to the system sections. In the system sections, you will find the sound options. On the other hand, right-click on the sound and open the sound setting. Then, select the output device in the Sound settings windows. Now, You will get the sound, it comes from the selected audio device 

Use Taskbar

In use taskbar, This is a simple process to change the audio output using the sound icon on the taskbar. On the taskbar, select the volume icon and next to the audio device. Whether you face any problem getting the volume icon, you can check in the system tray. After that, you have to select the device which you want.

Use Playback Device Settings

The different way is to use the sound control panel window and open the setting app, after that, you will get the system sound. Moreover, select one of the sound control panel settings, which is a right corner. In the playback tab, you have to right click on the device. Then set as default device in the contextual menu.

Change Audio Output For Specific Apps

In updated windows, always allow the different audio devices for applications. You can likewise configure the output device if you want to use the headset. At first,  you have to go to the setting app, then go to the system, after that have to click on sound, then scroll down to the end. As per the requirement, you can select the output device in the app. You can even change the output.

When Volume Control Is Not Working

Various users complain that volume control is not working after changing the audio output. However, it’s a simple issue you can solve easily via the taskbar. Click on ctrl plus shift plus Esc key to bring the task manager. Then you have to right click on Windows explorer. In the final step, Click on Restart in the context menu.

If you face the problem of finding the windows explorer, click on the windows key plus E to bring. You will see in the taskbar if the file is launched. Assuming that you want to increase volumes or decrease, you have to restart the windows explorer process.

How To Enable Spatial Sound

When configuring the windows setting, you would face a spatial sound option, and it’s inactive from default. But it gives incredible sounds. When you play the game and watch the movies, you will get the sound of the surrounding.

Now we will discuss how to activate this on your pc. You have to right click on the sound volume icon on the taskbar, then the Spatial sound option. Now one by one to know how audio output works. In game time, we need the output of our headphones.  The best thing is Windows 10 allows changing the audio output in the computer.


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