How to Charge Laptop in Car? 4 Easy Method

Hey! Are you interested in learning how to charge a laptop in a car? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to charge a laptop battery in a vehicle.

Wherever we go on an extended tour by automobile, we always bring our laptop with us if we need it later. As a result, we need to utilize a laptop for professional or personal work in the car.

If you have fully charged it at home, the laptop will be completely depleted after 4-5 hours of use. Therefore, you may be wondering how I can set up my laptop using a car battery in such circumstances.

As a result, you may effortlessly charge your laptop in your automobile without encountering any future issues. Like how you set your smartphone on your laptop, you can capture a laptop in a car.

However, you will alter certain operations on a laptop. Thus, in this post, you will learn how to charge a laptop in a car quickly and without incident by following the complete method step by step.

4 Easy Method to Charge Laptop in Car

Method 1: Making Use Of A USB Charger

A USB charger will suffice if you do not have access to a cigarette lighter. This is the simplest method of charging your laptop while driving. The critical point here is disconnecting the USB cable before you begin moving.

You’ll need a USB charger compatible with your vehicle. You may get it in any electronics store or online. What’s more, it’s entirely safe for use while driving.

If you do not have access to a cigarette lighter, you can charge your phone using the batteries in your car. This is, however, quite risky, particularly if you’re traveling on a bumpy road. Charging your laptop should take no more than a few minutes, mainly if you utilize a USB charger.

During the day, even if you are not using your laptop, you can leave it charging in the car.

Method 2: Using An All-In-One USB Charger

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Another option is to purchase a universal USB charger for your automobile. You can quickly charge your laptop with the universal charger by putting the USB cord into a power outlet or cigarette lighter in your car. However, you must ensure that your laptop supports charging via USB ports.

Because particular laptops do not accept charging via their USB Type-C connections. While others, such as MacBooks and Dell’s XPS series of laptops, support charging over those USB Type-C connections.

Method 3: Making Use Of A Power Bank

Additionally, you can bring a large power bank that charges your laptop. To accomplish this, you must first ensure that your laptop can charge via a power bank.

Because some laptops feature USB Type-C ports but do not support charging. While some, if not the majority, of recent laptops, such as MacBooks and Dell’s XPS line, support settings over those USB Type-C connectors.

Method 4: Making Use Of A Car’s Laptop Charger

A laptop charger is another option for charging your laptop in a car. You can plug it into the power jack on your laptop and begin charging, just like you would with a standard charger that came with your laptop.

Connect the charger to the cigarette lighter socket in your car and begin charging by putting the other end into the power jack on your laptop.

When doing this procedure, ensure that your car’s engine is functioning. Otherwise, starting the engine later may cause damage to your charger or laptop.

These laptop car chargers are pretty expensive, but they are readily available at almost any electronics store in your area or on Amazon if you prefer to order online.

Specific automobile chargers include numerous connectors; ensure that you use the one that suits your laptop’s power port; otherwise, you risk damaging the charger or your laptop’s power jack if you force it in.

(FAQs) On How to Charge Laptop in Car

Is it possible to charge a laptop using a USB cable while driving?

Thus, USB Type-A and Type-B are the most often utilized interfaces in laptops and smartphones. Because your smartphone consumes low voltage power, you can charge it in a car using USB Type-A.

Due to the USB Type-poor A’s data transmission rate, you cannot charge your laptop with it. However, you may charge your laptop using your automobile’s USB Type C plug-in.

Finally, check if your laptop includes a USB Type C connector. If the device has a USB Type C port, it can be charged through a cable.

However, if your laptop lacks a USB Type C connector, you need not worry because we have revealed three additional options. As a result, you can charge without a USB Type C connector using one of the other three methods.

Is charging a laptop in a car a safe practice?

Yes, you may safely charge your laptop in your automobile. There will be no heating issues with laptops, chargers, or vehicles. Not only will there be no heating problems, but there will also be no electrical problems, and your laptop, charger, and car will remain in good condition.

Utilize the appropriate capacity or power source, such as a laptop car charger, a car inverter charger, a power bank, or a USB Type C laptop car charger.

As long as you have no issues charging a smartphone in a car, you will have no problems charging a laptop.

Is charging a laptop in the car going to drain the battery?

Of course, when charging the laptop from the car’s battery, the car’s battery would gradually drain. Due to the smaller capacity of the smartphone battery, it does not discharge as quickly as the laptop battery.

As previously stated, the car’s battery will progressively deplete while charging a laptop. However, you can recharge your car’s battery in the same manner as once by driving it.

Note:- If the automobile is running and you are simultaneously charging your laptop, the battery will not drain. Therefore, attempt to charge your laptop while the car is in motion.

Final Word

Finally, we hope that you better understand the numerous techniques for charging a laptop in a car. We have presented the facts to you after conducting an extensive investigation.

We’ve attempted to explain and simplify everything so that you don’t have any future issues with a laptop charging in a vehicle.

We’ve discussed four methods for charging your laptop in a car in this article, including using an adapter laptop car charger, a car inverter charger, or a power bank.

Thus, depending on the availability of the items and the ways that you believe are simple to use, you can employ them. Additionally, we have attempted to address some of the often asked questions that may arise.

If you have any questions or concerns about laptop charging, you may leave a comment below or email us.

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