How to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc without receiver? 3 Ways

Xbox 360 controller offers you excellent convenience throughout the recreation. Taking part in video games through the keyboard and mouse is annoying. As a result, you’ve got to recollect several keys and functions, the immediate response isn’t doable, and eventually, your hands stay busy, and you feel uneasy. In such a scenario, connecting the Associate in Nursing Xbox to your computer could be a nice choice. But, it should be a pricey choice. Moreover, it’s a challenge to attach an Associate in Nursing Xbox 360 controller to a computer while not the receiver.

It would be best if you kept in mind that there are no thanks to directly connecting the Xbox controller to your computer while not a receiver. An associate in Nursing adapter is required to acknowledge the affiliation.

Moreover, you can’t try it via Bluetooth. The explanation is that the Xbox incorporates a completely different frequency than Bluetooth on a computer.

This affiliation isn’t possible. But, don’t worry, we’ll tell you an Associate in Nursing alternate resolution.

Interesting Fact: 

Many years after its launch in May 2005, the Xbox 360 series continues to appeal to all dedicated gamers.

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(#) What does one have to be compelled to Connect Your Xbox 360 Controller To The laptop while not A Receiver?

First of all, recognize that many individuals can suggest you attach exploitation of your Bluetooth. However, this can’t be done since the formally free Xbox created for laptops refuses a Bluetooth affiliation. This is often a result of a wireless controller using frequencies that dissent from those employed by Bluetooth. However, there’s the simplest way you’ll connect your controller with no receiver.

For this, you would like to use an AN adapter. While not exploiting AN adapter, it’s virtually impossible to attach your Xbox 360 controller to the laptop. Thus this suggests that initially, you would like to get AN adapter. However, with such a big amount of adapters out there within the market, you would possibly marvel at that one you ought to get. As such, note that it depends on your budget. If you would like the high-end one that may firmly connect your controller to your laptop, select the one sold out by Microsoft.

However, if you’re searching for one thing inside the budget, opt for the duplicate or backdoor ones. This allows us to initially tackle the installation of the official adapter, so we will advance to the duplicate ones.

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#) How to connect Xbox 360 controller to the laptop while not the receiver?

There are three ways to use your Xbox 360 controller on a laptop while not a receiver.

  1. Get a passionate wired Xbox 360 controller
  2. Get a wireless Xbox 360 controller adapter
  3. Get an Xbox 360 package

1.) Connect Xbox 360 to a wired controller

The easiest thanks to connecting your Xbox 360 controller to a laptop is by employing a wired controller.

A simple plug-and-play protocol connects an Xbox 360 wired controller connects to your laptop by a simple plug-and-play protocol. You introduce the controller’s USB terminal to your laptop, and also, the controller’s driver’s square measure is put in mechanically.

You should make sure you have a stable net association if you’re employing a Windows 7/8 laptop, and also, the drivers can’t be downloaded mechanically.

Alternatively, head to the Windows Xbox 360 drivers page to transfer relevant drivers for your Xbox 360 controller on Windows 7/8. If you can’t realize a Windows eight driver, opt for the Windows seven choice, which should also work fine.

Please make sure you transfer the right version for your laptop (64bit or 32bit).

Install Xbox 360 wired controller drivers. On the windows drivers page, 

  • Choose 32bit or 64bit and click on ‘download.’ you will get to choose a file location for transfer.
  • Right-click on the downloaded file once the transfer is completed and head to properties.
  • Choose ‘compatibility’ from the choices and check the box that claims ‘run this program in compatibility mode.’
  • Next, choose the software package on your laptop and wind up by choosing Ok.
  • Now return to the downloaded file and double-click on that to put it in safely.
  • Don’t forget to restart your laptop once the installation is completed.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded and put in the driving force, you’ll be able to currently establish Your laptop with the Xbox 360 controller.

  • Connect the wired controller to the laptop via the USB port.
  • Press and hold the X button on the controller to show it on.
  • Allow your laptop to acknowledge the controller.
  • Now head to your laptop settings > System data > device manager.
  • You should realize ‘Xbox 360 peripherals’. Right-click on that to update the driving force. Seek for any out there updates.
  • If you can’t realize the driving force, take the controller USB from the laptop and hook it up with another USB port.

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2.) Using a wireless Xbox 360 controller on a PC with an adapter:

Connecting a wireless Xbox 360 Controller to a PC is straightforward using an adapter and works for Windows 7/8/10 and Apple Mac PCs.

Connect the adapter to your PC and wait for the driver to install automatically—next, power on your controller.

The wireless Xbox 360 controller has a button beside the USB terminal between the R and L buttons. Press the wireless button on the controller and the power button on the adapter for some seconds, then press the Xbox button on the controller and watch them sync automatically. 

When getting an Xbox 360 adapter, only go for the one with the Microsoft emblem or Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows imprinting behind its pack.

#) Guide to purchasing Xbox Receiver

If you wish to buy an Xbox receiver, you’ll be able to avail one in all the subsequent three choices.

-) The First possibility

You can obtain the initial Microsoft Xbox package. It’s out there online and additionally in native electronic stores. The worth goes up to $60. If you already possess an Xbox controller and simply would like the adapter or receiver, you’ll be able to sell further accessories online. This trick provides you with a real adapter with no risk.

-) The Second possibility

The second possibility is to shop for an orphan Microsoft Xbox adapter. You’ll be able to search on any online store or website. This adapter prices you simply $15 to $20. But, one disadvantage is that you just don’t seem to be shopping from a trustworthy merchant. Moreover, it’s not a sealed pack. So, you’re unsure concerning its originality.

-) The Last choice

If you’re not willing to shop for and sell, the last choice is to get a replica adapter from a 3rd party. Although it’s troublesome to search out a sure dealer, you’ll have it off. The price you less, typically five to fifteen greenbacks. Duplicate adapters area units on electronic stores, Amazon, and different online stores.

One disadvantage is that they need a lot of effort and time to attach along with your computer. Seek the “X360 or computer wireless gambling receiver” tag on the synchronization button. The duplicate receivers typically have such labels.

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3.) Connect Xbox 360 controller to a laptop with a Microsoft Xbox 360 package:

A final choice to connect AN Xbox 360 controller to a laptop is to shop for a Microsoft Xbox package. This comes with a wireless adapter and different gadgets to get pleasure from your recreation expertise.

While this selection can price you some additional money, it’s still an excellent deal if you don’t presently have AN Xbox 360 console.

And if you choose you don’t want the additional gadgets, you’ll invariably sell them off.

#) Final Words

We have mentioned the various choices for connecting an associate Xbox controller to your computer while not a receiver. To boot, we tend to radio-controlled you regarding the association method. Further, we give you some helpful tips for buying an associate Xbox adapter. We hope this text has helped you.

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#) FAQs- How to connect Xbox 360 controller to pc without a receiver?

-:) Can you connect Xbox 360 controller while not the receiver?

Yes, you’ll connect the Associate in Nursing Xbox 360 controller to a computer while not the receiver. To do this, you’ll like a USB cable compatible with each device.

-:) Can you connect Xbox 360 controller to the computer with Bluetooth?

Yes, you’ll connect the Associate in Nursing Xbox 360 controller to a computer with Bluetooth. However, you’ll have to be compelled to purchase a Bluetooth adapter for your computer.

-:)How can I link my Xbox 360 controller to my computer using simply Bluetooth?

-:) How do I connect my Xbox 360 controller to my computer via USB?

To connect your Xbox 360 controller to your computer via USB, you’ll like a USB cable and the Xbox 360 controller driver put in on your computer.

The USB cable is often prepackaged with the Xbox 360 controller or a standalone purchase.

Once you’ve got the cable, plug one finish into the USB port on your computer and the alternative finish into the Xbox 360 controller.

-:) Is Xbox 360 controller compatible with PC?

Yes, the Xbox 360 controller is compatible with computers. You only have to be compelled to transfer the drivers from Microsoft’s website.

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