How To Fix A Lenovo Laptop That Won’t Turn On? (7 Fixes)

Lenovo is now a well-known company in the world of electronics. It has a broad range of laptops suitable for every purpose, including gaming and everyday usage, and is considered among the most renowned laptop manufacturers around the globe.

What should I do about a Lenovo laptop that won’t turn on? The power cable and adapter should be correctly connected. Ensure that the power cable doesn’t have any damage or looseness. Try another wall outlet. It is essential only to utilize the original Lenovo charger and adapter. Reset your Laptop.

  1. Remove the power cable from the gadget and any others it has connected to.
  2. Find a paperclip.
  3. Find where you can find the Emergency Reset Hole on your Laptop.
  4. Hold and press for the Reset Hole for approximately 10 seconds using the clip.
  5. Power your Laptop back on.

As reliable as Lenovo laptops might be, however, some issues can be encountered from time to time. The common problem is that the Laptop isn’t working. We’ve got the complete rundown regarding issues with Lenovo laptops that aren’t turning on and the best way to solve these issues.


Why is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On?

how to fix a lenovo laptop that won't turn on?
Why is My Lenovo Laptop Not Turning On

There are many reasons why your Lenovo laptop isn’t turning on. The most common reasons are:

  • The Laptop’s battery has died.
  • Laptop overheats.
  • The unintentional shutdown causes an error in the registry as well as the performance of the system.
  • AC adapter issues, not providing enough power on the Laptop.
  • Software/hardware issues.
  • BIOS problems.
  • The cables are damaged or not correctly connected.
  • The problems are with using the power button.

The root of the issue can assist in solving the problem quicker. If you don’t, you’ll have to test different approaches until you find one that does the trick. However, there’s no need to worry when your Laptop isn’t turning on since there will likely be solutions.


How Do I Fix A Lenovo Laptop That Doesn’t Turn On?

How Do I Fix A Lenovo Laptop That Doesn’t Turn On


Various reasons could be why your Lenovo laptop isn’t turning on, and solutions to fix these issues.

1. Verify that there is no overheated component.

The internal mechanisms of laptops generate plenty of heat. When the Laptop is used for a long time, it will reach a point at which the heat causes damage to the internal hardware. So, the thermal protection of the Laptop is turned off to safeguard the hardware.

If your Laptop turns off without warning, does not start up, or feels hot, it’s most likely due to overheating. In this situation, you must follow these steps:

  1. Place your Laptop away and ensure it’s not exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Please don’t attempt to switch it on. Let it cool for about an hour.
  3. If your Laptop is equipped with an external battery, take it off. It.
  4. After an hour, plug your battery in (if you’ve removed it) and turn the Laptop back on.

The Laptop must be turned on. To ensure that it doesn’t overheat, later on, be sure that the Laptop’s vents are correctly positioned and that you don’t cover the vents when the Laptop is running.


 2. Verify the AC Cable/Adapter.

One of the easiest ways to check is to check your AC cable/adapter/plugs to determine whether they’re damaged, appear burnt or twisted, or have dirt or rust on the surface. They will not supply the Lenovo laptop with enough power in this manner.

You can also determine if your AC cable provides adequate power to your computer by performing the following:

  1. Connect the AC cable to the ports on your Laptop.
  2. Find an indicator for the status of the power light (next to that of the AC cable).
  3. If it’s lit, this means that your cable is functioning. If not, check both the power adapter and the outlet.

Here’s how to determine whether your charger is defective:

  1. Get the Laptop’s battery out If you can.
  2. Unplug any plugs attached to the Laptop. This includes a USB AC adapter, USB, and so on.
  3. Press your Power button for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Connect your battery to the charger only. (leave the charger on).
  5. Try turning the Laptop on.
  6. If your computer can turn on when you turn it on, you have an issue with your charger.


  • Try an alternative wall outlet.
  • Be sure to use the original Lenovo charger cables and adapters.
  • Attach the power adapter securely and the power cable. Verify that the power cable isn’t loose.


3. Verify for issues with the battery.

It is typical for laptop batteries to fail to function or not function entirely with time. If your Laptop can turn on when you plug it into the charger but not with the battery, then you have to change the batteries. For a better idea, you can:

  1. Get the Laptop’s battery out If you can.
  2. Take out any plugs that are connected to the Laptop. This includes a USB AC adapter, USB, and so on.
  3. Press the power button for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Only plug in your charger. (leave your battery in).
  5. Make sure you turn the Laptop on.
  6. Your battery is faulty if your computer begins to blink and turn off.

The only way to fix this is to have the battery checked or replaced. When you conduct this test, charge the battery before you start.


4. Examine for residual power issues

It is residual power left over from the last time you shut off the Laptop. It is stored in the capacitor. In some cases, the residual capacity could cause problems that cause the Laptop to not turn on because of a power issue. In this case, you must do these things:

  1. Get the Laptop’s battery out If you can.
  2. Remove any plugged-in devices from the laptop. This consists of a USB AC adaptor and other things.
  3. Hit the power button 10 times.
  4. Repeat the press and hold it for 30 seconds. This time.
  5. Connect the AC adapter to the Laptop and then press the power button.
  6. Allow the Laptop to fully load before shutting it down properly.
  7. Install the battery in the Laptop, and then turn it on.

If the method isn’t working the first time, you can try it again. If the process doesn’t work, then attempt the following technique.

Tips: Consider using surge protectors instead of connecting your Laptop directly to the wall. It is also possible to change your charger or battery at this moment.


5. Use the Emergency Reset Hole

An emergency reset port on your Laptop can be used in such instances. It would help if you found it, and this will help you.

  1. Disconnect the Power Supply.
  2. Take a thin paper Clip.
  3. Check for the Reset Emergency Hole in Your Lenovo Laptop.
  4. If You See it, Make Sure You Hold It For 10 seconds using the Paper Clip.
  5. Try turning it on by pressing the power button once you’ve finished the procedure.

You’re done if the problem “Lenovo laptop doesn’t have power on” is solved. If it’s not, then you can try our next step.


6. Reset Your Laptop

Lenovo offers a reset button that is present on the majority of laptop models. This button allows the user to restart the Laptop and fix the most common problems, such as it not working. To achieve this, you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug the battery and remove the AC adapter to the Laptop.
  2. Connect all other devices to the Laptop.
  3. The Laptop should be turned upside down and searched for the hole for emergency reset. It’s a small hole, usually located on the side that is on the back.
  4. Utilizing needles and a button, press it.
  5. Turn the laptop upside down and then turn it on.

Tips Note: If your Laptop does not come with a reset button, you can substitute this method by pressing and pressing the power button of your Laptop for about 60 minutes.

The reset procedure can fix the majority of issues related to black screen issues as well as the Laptop not turning on.


7. Utilize the Recovery Mode

This procedure is similar to the other methods we’ve discussed and could be helpful if the reset fails to work for a reason. Particular Lenovo laptops, including mine, feature pinholes on the right side, called NOVO, next to an AC cord. This allows you to enter this recovery mode.

If you can power on your Laptop by pressing this switch, it indicates that you have problems with the control button, and you should contact the Lenovo helpdesk for assistance.

Now that we’ve covered all the general suggestions that can be used to solve the issue with your Lenovo laptop that doesn’t turn on, we’re going to look at other instances when your Laptop isn’t working correctly.


Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On Power Button Flashing

Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On Power Button Flashing

The flashing light on the power light on your Lenovo laptop indicates that your Laptop is sleeping. The best way to fix it is to lift and close the Laptop’s lid several times. This should bring your Lenovo laptop goes to a halt on its own. If not, you can try resetting it according to the following steps:

  1. Plug in all other connected devices and the power cord.
  2. Find a paperclip.
  3. Find your Emergency Reset Hole on your Laptop.
  4. Hold and press your Reset Hole at 10-second intervals using the clip.
  5. Power your Laptop back on.


  1. Unplug the power cable and any other devices connected to it.
  2. If it is necessary, remove the battery.
  3. Hold your power button for around 30 minutes.
  4. Install the power cable and battery back into the socket.
  5. Power on your Laptop.


Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On and just beeps.

This scenario isn’t ideal. Let’s examine the type of beeping first, then move on to problem-solving.


  • A long beep or three beeps consecutively indicates an issue with your hardware – usually memory-related. This can stop your computer from starting in any way.


  • The shorter beeps may occur because too many inputs are coming through the keyboard simultaneously, for example, if you hit several keys within your notebook. (You must ask your cat whether there is something wrong with it).

The issue is two-fold. The first step is to bring your computer back on, then take care of the sound of beeping. Be aware that these methods are not always successful because the sound of beeping could indicate serious hardware problems, as previously mentioned. In this instance, you’ll need to get your Laptop checked out.


Here’s what you’ll require to do to make sure your Laptop is working:

  1. Take the battery off and disconnect the AC adapter of the Laptop.
  2. Connect all other devices to the Laptop.
  3. Flip the laptop upside down and then look for the hole used to reset the Laptop.
  4. Utilizing a needle and a button, press it.
  5. Flip the Laptop over and turn it on.


Here’s how you can disable the beeping that you’ve managed to switch off your Laptop

  1. Reboot the laptop and press F1 frequently to go to the BIOS.
  2. Click on your Config tab, then press Enter.
  3. Highlight Alarm and Beep. Press Enter.
  4. Highlight Keyboard Beep, and press enter.
  5. In the pop-up, select Disabled, then press Enter.
  6. Click the F10 key to save and Exit.


Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On But Power Button On

You must take the battery out and unplug the charger to fix this issue. After that, hold and press your power button for 30 minutes.

Then test restarting your Laptop using the charger and battery. Remove the battery and connect the AC adapter if that doesn’t work. Alternatively, reverse the process, keep the storm, but disconnect the charger and check whether your Laptop starts up.

We thoroughly explain how to determine whether the power adapter or your battery is the cause of the problem in the first section of this article.


Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On After An Update

Lenovo Laptop Won't Turn On After An Update

If you’ve just updated your Laptop and it has suddenly started acting up, here are a few options you could consider:

  1. Find a hole for a reset on your Laptop and secure it in place with a clip for 30 minutes.
  2. Hold and press your power button for approximately 10 seconds if there’s no reset hole.
  3. Particular Lenovo laptops come with NOVO buttons which can be used for accessing recovery mode in BIOS. They can be found near charger ports. Use a paper clip to hold it for around 10 seconds.


How do I force-restart my Lenovo Laptop?

It can force your laptop to restart if it is frozen and not responding. To do this, all you need to do is hold the power button for about an hour, and the Laptop will start to reboot. If this doesn’t work, connect the AC adapter to your Laptop and try it again.

This will also draw any remaining power left in the Laptop.


Tips to Keep Your Laptop Off and Avoid Problems with Turning It On

  • Be sure to turn off your Laptop correctly each time you use it.
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing, do not mess around with the registry or settings of your Laptop.
  • Allow your Laptop to run updates without interruptions.
  • Don’t block the Laptop’s air vents when you use it.


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Final Notes

A laptop that isn’t turning on is a bad idea. Be aware that it’s an electronic gadget that can be sensitive, and if misused, it is likely to cause issues. But, you don’t have to be concerned; so long as you don’t seriously damage the Laptop, it’ll work. The strategies mentioned are tested and proven to resolve problems with laptops not working.

If you’ve tried all the options and still it’s not turning on, we recommend contacting Lenovo to get help.


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