How to turn off scroll lock on Dell laptop? Some Easy Steps

If you have a Dell laptop, you may have noticed that the scroll lock feature is turned on by default. This can be problematic if you’re trying to use your arrow keys to navigate through a document – the page will keep scrolling without you being able to move up or down. Fortunately, a Dell laptop’s scroll lock is simple to disable. We’ll walk you through the process in this article in just a few simple steps.


What is a scroll lock?

Some laptops have a function called scroll lock that lets you navigate documents or web pages without using the touchpad or mouse. This can be helpful if you’re working on a long paper or website and don’t want to keep moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse.

However, scroll lock can also be annoying if you accidentally enable it or if you want to use the touchpad or mouse but can’t because scroll lock is enabled. Fortunately, disabling the scroll lock on a Dell laptop is simple. Just adhere to these directions!

How do you turn off the scroll lock on a Dell laptop?

how to turn off scroll lock on dell laptop?
How do you turn off the scroll lock on a Dell laptop?

The ability to turn off scrolling on the Dell laptop in a matter of seconds is as easy as pressing and pressing the SCLK, Slk, or ScrLck key on your laptop (depending on the model). This will turn off the lock feature on the screen, and if you ever want to return to using it, you can switch it back on with the key.

The feature to lock the scroll is crucial because it lets the user write while ensuring that the cursor doesn’t move around freely. But, it’s not always that a user would like to utilize this feature or wants their mouse to move around freely, even while typing.

The user can complete this task in a matter of seconds using various methods.

While you could switch off the lock on your screen using the keys above, What should you do if the Dell laptop keyboard doesn’t include the key for locking the screen? It’s not a reason to fret, as there are many other methods and options to turn off the feature for your Dell laptop, even if it has the keyboard keys mentioned above. Let’s examine the most common ways to quickly disable the scroll lock on your Dell laptop.

There are other ways to turn off the lock that locks scrolls on the Dell laptop in a matter of seconds.


Using The SCLK, Slk, or ScrLck Keys

The majority of Dell laptops come with an option to lock the screen located on the keyboard. The button you use will be identified as SCLK, Slk, or ScrLck (depending on the laptop model).

Hold this button for five seconds to turn the lock feature on or off.

While it may seem simple, as simple as that could be, there’s a different Dell model that doesn’t include a key to this feature, so users will need to look for alternatives to shut off the scroll function. The various options are described below.


Using an External Keyboard

Using an External Keyboard

If your Dell laptop doesn’t have a scroll lock key or an option to lock the scroll, you can use an external keyboard with the keys if you have access to one.

Connect the keyboard to your laptop using various USB ports. In order to use a keyboard outside, you do not need to install any additional software or drivers because keyboards are Plug and Play devices.

The scroll lock button is located on the right-hand left side of the external keyboard, directly above the Arrow keys.

 After that, push and hold it for approximately five seconds. The Dell laptop’s scroll lock feature will be turned off as a result.


Using On-Screen Keyboard

Operating systems have features and accessories that aid in access to various types of users or when they have issues. One of these features that comes with Windows is the on-screen keyboard. Windows operating system includes the keyboard that appears on the screen.


Here’s how to make use of it to disable the feature of scroll lock for Dell laptops: Dell laptop:

  • Enter “on-screen keyboard” in the Windows search bar to find the function.
  • In the menu, please select the one that best matches your needs, an application, then click on it.
  • Doing this will show the keyboard’s digital format in your display.
  • To turn it off, press the scroll lock key on the keyboard. The key is located between the print screen and the pause keys on the right side of the keyboard on the screen.
  • To explore and activate the on-screen keyboard capability, you can alternatively use your mouse. You may do so by:
  • Then, move your mouse to the menu for a start and click it. A menu will pop up, offering a selection of choices.
  • In the column of programs, Scroll until you get to W. Then, click Windows Ease of Access.
  • The drop-down menu will show a variety of alternatives on the screen keyboard. A virtual keyboard will be displayed if you click the option you want to use.
  • Follow the same procedure as previously (to locate the key to unlock the scroll lock, then press and hold it for five minutes), then turn the scroll lock function off.


Using Shortcuts Keys

There isn’t one universal key combo that can switch off the function of the scroll lock in a Dell laptop in just a few seconds. But, based on the keyboard of your laptop or a keyboard you use for external purposes, there are shortcuts that you can utilize to identify which is connected to the function of the scroll lock that your laptop has.

Most shortcuts can be accomplished using any keyboard with function keys (FN or Fn). On some laptops, users can switch the feature of scroll lock on and off using the F6 and FN keys. On other laptops, you’ll need to press the FN key and the key for Number 6.

Some laptops also require users to press FN and S keys to switch the scroll lock.


Why Does Scroll Lock Keep Turning On and Off On My Dell Laptop?

Why Does Scroll Lock Keep Turning On and Off On My Dell Laptop

The common problem is that their feature for scroll locking will keep turning itself on and off without pressing any button. The stuck button almost always leads to this problem on your keyboard laptop.

It is possible to fix this issue by checking what is on the Dell laptop’s keyboard, which presses the key to lock the scroll. If there is, you can remove it.

Alternatively, you can check the condition of your keyboard to determine if it is stuck in place and won’t rise. The keys in your laptop are made of an underside of rubber that will raise them when pressing them. When the key falls and doesn’t rise, it is because the rubber has worn.

Furthermore, the keyboard could be stuck because of dirt and other debris. If that’s the case, you should clean your laptop’s keyboard. You can utilize a blow to ensure that you remove all dirt after you have cleaned it.

If none of these methods work, take your laptop to the repair shop for an expert look at it. They will likely replace the damaged key.


What Are Some Other Helpful Shortcuts When Using a Dell Laptop?

There are numerous shortcuts for users with a Dell laptop. Here are a few most commonly used, particularly for those running Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Windows Key

Press the windows keys at any time to open up the start menu.

Windows Key + E key

This combination of two keys will open the file explorer menu.

Alt Key

By itself, the alt key does not provide many features. Pressing it when you’re using a specific application will display the additional shortcuts users can utilize. A majority of these shortcuts are clear to the application you’re currently working in.

Alt and Ctrl and Del

Combining keys to create an ad-hoc shortcut opens the blue screen of Windows, which gives the user the option of locking their computer, switching users on power, opportunities for power Task manager, easy to access, and a myriad of others.

Alt and F4

This shortcut opens an options dialog that offers users options for shutting down and powering, including placing the laptop in sleep mode, shutting it down, and restarting the device.

Ctrl and A

A combination of these keys lets you choose all the items in the display at a quick pace. It’s a helpful shortcut, particularly when you need to work with several objects simultaneously.

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FAQs-How to turn off scroll lock on Dell laptop?

How do I turn on Scroll Lock without the button?

Launch the on-screen keyboard if your keyboard doesn’t include a Scroll Lock Key.

Step 1: Click Start > Settings > Ease Of accessibility > keyboard > Select the Keyboard on Screen.

Step 2: Or press the Windows logo Key (CTRL + O).

Lastly: Click the ScrLK Button.


What is the Fn key on a Dell keyboard?

The “Fn” button on the keyboard of a Dell turns the multimedia keys off and on. On specific models, you have to hit “Fn” to activate the multimedia keys. However, the keyboard’s function can be changed by the Dell PC to ensure you can ensure that these keys will always be active.


How do I lock and unlock the Fn key?

If the Fn key functions lock is found in your computer keyboard, just use the key along with the Fn keys to unlock the Fn keys. To open the Fn lock, you must repeat the process. It is the Fn lock keys. They are represented as the lock symbol, found under the Esc (Escape) key on all standard keyboards.


How do I unlock Dell Scroll Lock?

Select Ease of Access > Keyboard. Select the Screen Keyboard slider button to activate it. If the keyboard on the screen is displayed, press to activate the ScrLk button.



In conclusion, a scroll lock is a helpful feature on Dell laptops that can help you scroll through documents or web pages more efficiently. However, if you find that your scroll lock is on and you don’t know how to turn it off, follow the steps in this article, and you’ll be able to disable the scroll lock in no time.


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