How To Turn On Bluetooth On Mobile Automatically When Driving?

To use the Bluetooth of our mobile while in the car, we need to turn it on first! Google has created a tool that enables us to do so without difficulty. The app turns on the Bluetooth of our mobile when we get into our car and start driving.

We can now complete tasks on our smartphones without worrying about them, thanks to artificial intelligence. Because it is a relatively new option, it is critical to understand which terminals it can be used.

What is the point of automatically linking the mobile to the car?

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Mobile Automatically When Driving
What is the point of automatically linking the mobile to the car?

Before learning all of the actions to take, it’s important to realize what this option offers. The most significant aspect is that it saves us time and makes us forget about another function on our smartphone, but it will also be important for other reasons, such as:

  • We won’t need to keep the Bluetooth turned on all the time, squandering battery life.
  • We can use the hands-free feature in the car to answer calls without any issues.
  • When we get in the car, Android Auto will start immediately.

What are our plans for making it operate on Android phones?

We must follow a precise sequence of procedures to begin using this option. In addition, we must be patient and use the sensors and positioning to get it working as it should. However, this function doesn’t work immediately upon starting the car- it takes a few seconds until the terminal detects that you are driving. 

*Connect your phone to your automobile.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Mobile Automatically When Driving?
Connect your phone to your automobile

First, we’ll need to pair our Android phone with the car’s Bluetooth. This can be done through a Bluetooth adapter or by coupling it directly to the car’s Bluetooth system. Once connected, we can check that music and Bluetooth calls work correctly by going into Settings> Connections and checking for updates. 

*Turn on the mobile option.

When driving, we’ll need to take one additional step to turn on the Bluetooth. This part of the process will be handled by a dedicated option appearing on your Android phone, without customization layers like those you see elsewhere. 

We begin by going to Settings and selecting Connected Devices. Then, we click on “Connection Preferences” and enter the Driving Mode. This is where we’ll locate everything we’ll need to get it up and to run.

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Mobile Automatically When Driving?

If we want the Bluetooth in our car to always be on, there are a few things that we can do. One option is to activate it automatically by choosing this driving mode. When it is identified that the user is driving, this will be in charge of turning on the Bluetooth. Another option would be to turn it off by using one of its deactivated options or even having it disabled altogether. (This image shows two Deactivated Options for Bluetooth) 

How To Turn On Bluetooth On Mobile Automatically When Driving?


*Other features have been added to the driving mode.

The key choice that allows us to customize the behavior of this driving mode is found in the first tab of the driving mode. The options include choosing if Android Auto should turn on while driving or not Disturb mode when starting up. We remember that to silence all calls except our favorites; we have to set our preferences to not disturb them. 

Automatic Bluetooth Activation Issues

It’s possible that one of the systems required for Bluetooth identification isn’t active if the Bluetooth connection doesn’t automatically activate next to your car. This can mainly be due to Android GPS positioning – which needs to be low on data to track our movement and identify that we are driving by car. To fix this, on Android, you must decrease the quick access bar.

If the problem persists, we may mistakenly check if Bluetooth is turned on on our phone after moving with the car, implying a problem with the vehicle. If this happens, we can delete and start again from scratch by checking if Bluetooth is active on our mobile. 

Which mobile phones work with it?

The option has only been developed under a great deal of secrecy and is only available on Android mobiles without customization layers like Google Pixel, Motorola, and Nokia models. This implies that this driving mode, which allows you to turn on Bluetooth automatically, is still unavailable for Xiaomi mobiles with MIUI, Huawei terminals with EMUI, and a variety of other devices.

*When will it be available for other phones?

We believe that with Android 12, the driving mode and, as a result, the option to automatically activate Bluetooth will be further expanded. We can only wait for this update! 

Is there another option?

The only way to turn on the Bluetooth when we get into our car is through the official Google option. This means that even if we don’t have a Bluetooth head unit built into our car, we still need to use Android Auto for it to work! 

FAQs-How To Turn On Bluetooth On Mobile Automatically When Driving?

♦What is the procedure for turning on Bluetooth while driving?

Navigate to Settings > Focus > Driving. Select one of the following choices under Turn on Automatically while driving: Automatically: Driving will begin when motion is detected. When your iPhone is connected to car Bluetooth devices, you’ll be able to drive.

♦How can I get my car’s Bluetooth to switch on automatically?

Learn how to connect via Bluetooth or troubleshoot car pairing if you’re connecting your phone for the first time.

  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • From the drop-down box, choose the Connected devices Connection options. The mode of operation is driving.
  • Activate the behavior. To use your phone while driving, open Android Auto.
  • Turn on automatically by tapping the button.

♦Why isn’t my Bluetooth auto-connecting to my car?

Clear the Bluetooth cache on your computer. Clearing the cache can sometimes address the problem of apps interfering with Bluetooth operation. Go to Settings > System > Advanced> Reset Options > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth on an Android phone to reset Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth.

♦How can I automatically connect my iPhone to my car’s Bluetooth?

Go to Settings > Bluetooth to turn off Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth back on after waiting approximately 5 seconds. Consult the owner’s manual that came with your car for further information about pairing with a Bluetooth device. A phone setup on the car display is required in most cars.

♦How can I get my Samsung phone to connect to Bluetooth automatically?

Go to Home > Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List. The TV automatically identifies a paired Bluetooth audio device and displays a pop-up window when you turn it on. Activate or deactivate the Bluetooth audio device using this pop-up window.

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