How To Unlock The Keyboard On A Toshiba Laptop; Step By Step Process

If your Toshiba laptop computer keyboard is mistakenly locked, and you don’t skill to unlock the Toshiba laptop computer keyboard? Then follows each step of this text to unlock your Keyboard.

Before starting the method, you ought to want completely check the Keyboard; either any key’s broken or the full Keyboard is broken. You’ll resolve the difficulty by connecting the USB/PS2 Keyboard outwardly. If the matter persists, it should flow to a software package issue that you’ll resolve by following the steps provided.

How To Unlock The Keyboard On A Toshiba Laptop?

This is a difficulty pertaining principally to Toshiba laptops and to follow these points.

Fix 1: The Shift Trick:-

The shift trick refers to a technique exclusive to Toshiba Laptops. during this trick, you have to press the shift key on the locked Keyboard for eight seconds. The Keyboard would mechanically be unbolted.

Fix 2: Through management Panel:-


You can modify and disable your Keyboard through the electrical device. This can be one of the best ways exclusive to windows ten thus far.


Click on the Windows icon and place “control panel” into the search box. Click on the Windows icon and place “control panel” into the search box. Currently, click on the hardware choice, and a replacement panel would seem right before you. There ought to be an associate choice to launch the device manager within the higher right corner. To access the device manager, click on that.

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You can additionally open the device manager directly by planning to my laptop. Right-click on any area on my laptop window and open properties. The device manager choice would be found within the properties panel on the higher left.


Another technique for gap the device manager is to directly kind Devmgmt.msc within the windows run menu. after you have opened the device manager click on the choice expression “Keyboards”. It might open a window with info concerning all the connected keyboards. Click on the Keyboard that you wish to modify and right-click on that. A window would seem with associate choice to update drivers click on that and let the windows mechanically update drivers.

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If you do not choose to update drivers, you almost certainly will get an associate choice to modify the subsequent device. To enable/unlock your Toshiba laptop computer keyboard, choose that choice.

Fix 3: Reset method:

How To Unlock The Keyboard On A Toshiba Laptop


Another reason your Keyboard might not be operating properly is that its drivers have become corrupted or its settings have become topsy-turvy.


During this case, the issues you’ll face might be that you wish to jot down variety; however, the Keyboard writes a letter. To mend this issue, you have to reset the Keyboard to its previous configuration.


Now, this technique might vary from model to model. You’ll contact your manufacturer to grasp precisely the command that will reset your Keyboard to its previous configuration.

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The most general and basic command to reset a Toshiba keyboard is to press the Fn key alongside the F9 or F11 key. One in all these two keys continually tends to figure in most cases.


I don’t see the modify button within the device manager. Now what?

In this state of affairs, the update driver button is often used. Permit Windows to mechanically realize and update the drivers by pressing the Update Drivers button.

However, on a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer, does one unlock the Keyboard?

Fix 1: Re-enable your laptop computer keyboard. Many folks will, as an example, press and hold the Shift key for about eight seconds to activate the Keyboard once more. Otherwise, you will attend the Device Manager to line up your Toshiba laptop {computer|portable computer} keyboard: 1) you’ll initial open your computer electrical device.

My Keyboard continued to be writing random letters, and the reset technique also didn’t work on my behalf. What to try and do now?

It’s attainable that your variety lock or FN lock has been activated. If the reset technique doesn’t work for you, this might be the only attainable rationalization. Close up your FN lock or variety lock.


After reading the ways on top, I’m convinced that your question concerning how to unlock the Toshiba laptop computer keyboard has been answered. Are utterly solved. With these given steps, you’ll solve your drawback, Whenever it seems.

If the matter persists once you’ve tried the preceding remedies, you’ll have to induce facilitation from laptop computer professionals.

If you have any drawback relating to the on top of solutions, then bespeak the comments section. We’ll provide you with a fast response.

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