Simple Ways to Take Screenshots on Samsung A71. Five Methods

The world has become a connected place with the emergence of new technologies. Even the most basic things like smartphones have become computerized. You can get many apps on your phone to make life easier. However, even the best technology can be useless without proper documentation. One of the best ways to take notes, save a screenshot, or record your phone’s screen is to use a third-party app called a screenshot app. The Google Play Store has a large number of them. You’ll need to know how to snap a screenshot on your Samsung A71 if you have one. Please keep reading for our top five ways of taking screenshots on your Samsung A71.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung A71?

The most common approach for taking a screenshot on your Samsung A71 is to simultaneously press the power and home keys. This is the most convenient method for taking a screenshot on your phone. On your phone, go to the “Settings -> General -> and then scroll down to find “Easy Screenshot”. Enable this option to activate the easy screenshot feature. When you press both of these buttons simultaneously, Easy Screenshot will automatically capture your phone’s screen and save it in your Gallery.

Method-1. Using Samsung’s Bixby

Another way to take screenshots on your Samsung A71 is to use Bixby. With Bixby, you can take a screenshot, search for images, and create a gif. All you have to do is open Bixby by swiping from the left edge of your phone, and then when you are in the search or gif mode, press the button on the far right. Alternatively, you can perform the same thing by pushing and holding the power button. However, Bixby can only be used when your phone is locked. Bixby can also be used to take a screenshot by pressing the button on the far right. You can also screenshot by pressing both the power and home buttons simultaneously.

Method-2. Using Home and Power Buttons

The home and power buttons on your Samsung A71 can also be used to take a screenshot. When you press the home button, the phone will go to the home screen, and if you press the power button, it will go to the screen saver. If you combine both of these buttons, the screenshot will be taken.

Method-3. Using Always On Display

The always-on display on your Samsung A71 can also be used to take a screenshot. When your phone’s always-on display is on, you can press the “Volume Down” button to capture the screenshot. You can also do the same by pressing the volume down button when the usual screen is on.

Method-4. Using Double Tap

You can use the double-tap approach to snap a screenshot of anything you’re looking at on your phone right now. First, open the shortcut for the screenshot shortcut and then double-tap the shortcut. This will capture the whole screen. You may also do this by double-tapping the home button after touching the volume down button.

Method-5. Using Volume Buttons

How to take screenshot on samsung a71

Your volume buttons on your Samsung A71 can also be used to take a screenshot. To capture a screenshot of the screen, hit the volume down button. Press the volume up button to end the screenshot. If you press both the buttons simultaneously, Easy Screenshot will automatically take the screenshot and save it in your Gallery.


You may snap a screenshot on your Samsung A71 in a variety of ways. It’s as simple as pressing the power and home buttons at the same time to take a screenshot. This will automatically take a screenshot and save it to your Gallery. You can also use Bixby and the always-on display to take screenshots. If you are looking for ways to take screenshots using volume buttons, you can also do that. 

However, make sure to turn off your sound first, or else you will take a loud screenshot. The volume buttons can also turn your phone’s volume up or down. The screenshot is a crucial component of the documentation. These suggestions will help you complete the task quickly.


-) On my Samsung A71, how can I take a three-finger screenshot?

Place three fingers on your monitor to create a three-finger screenshot. Your screenshot will appear on your screen once you’ve done that.

To do this, 

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Gestures & Custom Features 
  • Choose the Three-finger screenshot.
  • Toggle on the option.

-) Is the Samsung a71 screenshot not working?

Press and hold the Power and Volume down keys for a few seconds as usual. If the problem persists, press and hold the Power and Volume down keys for a few seconds before swiftly releasing them. It is unnecessary to hold it; otherwise, it will not work.

-) How to take a screenshot in Samsung a72?

-) Samsung a71 screenshot set.

-) On the Samsung Galaxy A71, how do you snap a long screenshot?

  • Go to Settings >> Advanced Features >> Screenshot >> Enable this feature. Make the Screenshot toolbar active.
  • Then Take a conventional screenshot with the physical keyboard or the swipe gesture option, using any of the approaches listed above.
  • The one screenshot toolbar will display as a floating window. To take a long screenshot that will scroll until the entire page is covered, press the down arrow key.
  • Continue tapping the down arrow key on your Galaxy A71 until the page loads completely.
  • You can now edit or analyze the screenshot by clicking on the floating screenshot window or toolbar. The long screenshot will be stored in the gallery app’s Screenshot folder right away.


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