Way to windows 10 merge folder contents and remove duplicate files.

Merging folders can be a pain, especially if you have a lot of duplicate files in them. With Windows 10, this guide will teach you how to combine folders and delete duplicate files.

Merge folders on Windows 10

  • When you transfer a folder from one location to another, the contents of two folders with the same name may get mixed up.
  • Find the two folders you want to combine. If they don’t have the same name, rename them to match.
  • Ctrl+C is one of the two directories you’ve chosen.
  • Navigate to the location of the second folder.
  • As a keyboard shortcut, press Ctrl+V.
  • The two directories will be automatically combined. The files from both will end up in the destination folder.
  • If you receive a warning, you can choose whether to edit or ignore files with the same name in the target folder. The contents of the first folder will match the contents of the second folder in all cases.


Replace folder on Windows 10

When a folder was relocated to a location where another folder with the same name already existed, Windows would replace it. 

  • Find and replace the folder you want to update.
  • To remove a folder, select it and press the Delete key on your keyboard.
  • After the folder has been wiped, you can copy and paste it to its new place.

Because the replace option is no longer available, the only method to replace a folder is to delete or rename it.

Remove Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are one of the most annoying problems that we face nowadays. Unfortunately, no method to prevent duplicate files has been built into Windows, which is true for all versions of the Windows operating system. As a result, as things stand, employing a third-party solution is the only way ahead, and this post uses Clone Files Checker, a top-notch duplicate file removal tool for tracking and deleting duplicate files.

  1. To download Clone Files Checker, go to https://clonefileschecker.com/ in your browser (Chrome, Edge, or Firefox) and click the orange Download Clone Files Checker sign.
  2. After you’ve downloaded the setup, run the setup files to install it, and then run it once it’s finished.
  3. Add the folder you’d want to check for duplicate material to the list. Subfolders, on the other hand, may be omitted from the scan by navigating to the Exclude From Scan tab and choosing it.
  4. Depending on the scan type, choose All Files or Custom. Select Custom Music, for example, if just duplicate music files need to be scanned. When you’re finished, click Start Search to begin the scan.
  5. When the scan is finished, select Fix Wizard.
  6. Select either the Newest or the Oldest option.
  7. You’ll be offered two choices once again. Permanently deletes all duplicate data, whereas Move to Folder copies the target material to a user-specified folder in case the user wants it again. We’ve decided to go with permanent removal in this case.
  8. Select Continue with the actual elimination of duplicate files.
  9. The following notice will appear once the procedure is completed successfully.

Bottom Line

Although removing the replace capability is inconvenient, the new merging approach for transferring folders has one advantage: you will not mistakenly overwrite or destroy data. It’s very hard to retrieve files or directories that have been overwritten. Although merging folders may result in a bigger folder, you will not lose your files unless you delete a folder explicitly. Even so, you should be able to recover it from the recycling bin.

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